July 31, 2010

A post of absolutely no importance

I should be napping right now.  My kids are napping.  I should be napping too.  And I’m tired.  Yet here I sit…

And I wanted to say a few things that are of absolutely no importance whatsoever to anyone in particular.

First and foremost – I need a haircut and a dye job.  My roots are so grey and obnoxious, even my children are starting to wonder.  “Mommy ow?”  Yes, baby…mommy has a big owwww.  Over her entire head.  It’s called AGE. 

Second, since I’m wishing and wishing for Fall, I stubbornly took it upon myself to bake four loaves of banana nut bread.  And just to be cheeky, I made one of them chocolate chip/banana, one of them plain, and two with walnuts.  See?  Out of control.  And let’s just say, for instance, that using your oven on a 104-degree day is sort of not fun.  So there’s that.  Now where’s Fall? 

Third, I notice that LOTS of bloggers either host or participate in weekly/daily fan-followed blog challenges.  And you do/blog/post photos about those things.  And they have clever names, and cute buttons, like “Fabulous Foto Friday” - (and my humble apologies to anyone out there running this gig)  I’m still working on my buttons, but what do you think about the titles???  Say like…

“Maybe I’ll get out of bed, maybe I won’t Monday”

“Totally too tired to blog Tuesday”

“What laundry? Wednesday”

“Think this week will never end Thursday”

“Failed Spectacularly at parenting again Friday”

“So you think you can parent Saturday"

“So what if my hair is still grey Sunday”

I mean, just for starters or whatever.  I’m open to suggestions.  We could take the blogging world by storm with these.  Can you imagine the images we could conjur for the grab buttons alone?

And last but not least – are you one of those uber super duper organized people who has completed beautiful baby books for each of your children?  Scrapbooks or Lifebooks digital or otherwise that chronicle each year of their life?  Hours and hours of video of your children doing the most mundane of things, just because?  Thousands of pictures sitting in files on your computer? 

Anyway for the rest of you – I am not one of those people.  But I do have one little thing that I work on fairly regularly and it’s simple and easy and I’m already glad I have it. 

It’s a Word document that I started in 2008, when we brought Quint home.  I wanted to remember all his little mannerisms and changes and nuances…and I knew I would never be able to.  I’m not much of a journal gal…GASP GUFFAW NO!  And I know I’ll never be able to recall just what he said or did…or all the cute ways he made us laugh.  So I opened up this Word document one day, and just put the date and started listing some things he was doing, milestones, etc.  And then I saved it in a safe place on the computer.  A month later, I came back to it, typed the current date and added a bunch more stuff.  And so on and so on…and now I have several pages of all the little changes Quint has seen in the past two years with us. 

And I’m so glad I do.  I’ve backed the document up for safety, and continue to do that regularly. 

I’ve also started one for Keira.  And I made sure to write down that she has to sleep with her little pink Elephant Lovie…and she curls it into the crook of her arm and nuzzles the trunk with her nose.  Now I ask you…how can I possibly remember that precious detail 20 years from now?
So if you’re not a scrapbooker, journaler, writer, etc. and even if you are – this is a simple way to put those precious things down on “paper” and have them for later.  I read over Quint’s log from time to time and I’m amazed at what I have already forgotten.  It’s a simple gesture really, and doesn’t require much effort at all…

And now I’ll never forget that he said “flower” for the word "water".  Nope.  Never. 

Yes, well…this concludes our totally random post.  That I just had to share.  And NOW I’m taking that nap.  Have a great weekend!

And seriously…try not to do too much damage on “So you think you can parent Saturday"….just sayin’.  I myself can make no promises.


Anonymous said...

You're a good writer, Christie - I enjoy your writing and that is a huge compliment coming from a lady who read about 100+ books in Second Grade and that was only the beginning. Never went to Kindergarten so I didn't actually learn to read until First Grade. My Third Grade Teacher wasn't happy because I had read most of the Third Grade Readers in Second Grade.

I am currently reading the Wheel of Time Series for the second time in about three months. It was a 20 year project by Robert Jordan and then he passed away so he requested that Brandon Sanderson take over the job after his passing. I think there will be two or three more books in the series. It is along the lines of Lord of The Rings.

But I enjoy a great variety of books. Someday you do need to write a book. Loves, Judy

Kim said...

LOVE this post.. Love random.. they are soooo you .... I do them all the time.. gets stuff off your chest..lol..
LOVE all the photos I missed while I was away..
I sooo am coming to see you one day.. LOVE YOU ..