July 3, 2010

Family Values

We interrupt this visual trip of New York to bring you a crafty craft.  And if you must know, I've been sitting on it for a while.  Translation:  it's been sitting on my craft desk for a while.  I had found it online a while back, and even purchased my supplies, but that was as far as it got.  And today, because I was going cross-eyed from another project, I decided to switch gears and get it done.  

I'm so glad I did.  Wanna know why?  Because it's tres adorable.  And now I wanna make like...10 of em'.  I can't even stand all the creative juices that got flowing for this one... 

I give you the "Family Values Canvas" - our last name is shaded out for privacy

What you'll need ~
  • Large Canvas - sky is the limit.  But remember, if you don't have a 12x12 or wide paper capacity printer, it could be tricky to cover, since you'll have to break up the phrases to get them across the canvas.  I stuck with 12 x 24 and used 8 1/2 x 11 size paper.  My local craft store has regular sales and coupons.  I used a coupon for my canvas and paid $4 for it. 
  • Any Crafters Paint will do, or if you're like me, household paint that I had "lying" around.
  • Med. Bottle Mod Podge or similar adhesive
  • Paint brush
  • Several 8 1/2 x 11 pieces of the cutest scrap-booking paper you can find - or if you're me, cut down your 12x12 paper to make it work.   Go for a theme - a color scheme if you will, depending on where you will hang it.  Make sure your papers have a flow to them.

Step One ~

Paint your canvas.  You can do just a one to two inch frame around the outside and sides.  Doesn't have to be fancy - it's just a backdrop.  On the other hand, once I started painting the canvas, I had so much fun that I did the whole thing.  Let it dry for a good while.

Step Two ~

While your canvas is drying, print out your family values (assuming you've already determined what they are/will be) and print them onto your fun papers.  Cut into thin strips.  I used some fun scissors with scallops and curves to cut some of my strips.  I also used a "torn" effect on others.

For reference - I used fun fonts that I found on the internet and downloaded for free.  Be creative and go for it!  

I also did several test prints before I used the real paper.  Be sure your ink isn't low, etc.  I used a BOLD typeface for all of my fonts, and the size averaged between 48-72, depending on the font itself.  I averaged three sayings per page on the setting "Landscape".

Step Three ~

Once your canvas is dry and your Values strips have been cut, lay them out on the canvas to make sure you have enough room for everything.  Check your spacing.  Get an idea of how much room you should leave at the top and bottom.  

Now take all those little strips off the canvas, because it's time to adhere.  Don't be nervous.  Good news - remember when we were kids and we used to totally cover our fingers in Elmers Glue so that we could peel it off?  This is just like that.  Anyone?  No?  Just me?  Ahem.  Moving on.

Take a clean paint brush and put a coat of Mod Podge on just the canvas.  Just the canvas.  Not your strips of paper.  As you paint the Mod Podge onto the canvas, start placing your strips down onto the canvas from top to bottom.  Check spacing and watch from different angles how your laying them.  I started on the wrong angle and realized I was crooked by about the third strip.  I fixed it, but it was a bit messy.  Just take your time.  Paint a little bit on, then lay down a strip or two.  Work your way to the bottom.  Now, ease out any bibbles or ripples and smooth it over with your fingers.  That's right, your fingers.  Fun, fun...peel peel.

Now walk away.  I know.  I know.  But trust me.  Walk away.  Let it dry. 

Step Four ~

So now it's dry, because we walked away.  Right?  So we're back and we're going to slather it in Mod Podge.  In stages.

At first I was all "no, no...my paper is ruined...the canvas is ruined" and then I was all "yes, YES, it's amazing...I love this stuff". 

Just start from the top and make your way down the canvas.  Apply generously, but don't over do it.  You'll get to come back and do it again.

And again.  And again if you like.  

I would say three coats on top is good.  You could do more, if you wanted to.  Just let it dry in between coats.

So, I added some little buttons I had lying around and just like that...

Our family values are hanging in the entryway of our home. A reminder of what's important to us and what we should be doing each day to take care of each other.

And I heart this project big time.  My creative ideas were bursting at the end thinking of all the cute ways you could twist this project.  

Christmas Canvas?  Oh my!  Think of the paper! Gasp...with like...your Christmas Values or favorite Christmas carols, or...the 12 Days of Christmas!!  OY!

Harvest/ Fall/Thanksgiving?  Things We're Thankful For.  Like falling leaves, pumpkins, apple cider, turkey, family, friends, and hayrides...

What about for your child's room?  "I love you because..." canvas.  Oh!  And the things you could put on there...so they would always know how you felt about them.

For your church?  The Lords Prayer?  The Ten Commandments? 

I could keep going because the possibilities are endless, but you'd have canvas' all over your house, right?  I've GOT to do a Christmas Canvas...I'll let you in on how it turns out...

Have fun!  And you're welcome!


Julie said...

I love this craft! I wonder if this is how a local artist put his photo's onto a wood block? I may have to try that too. :)

frogglet said...

That is SO cool, I love it. I have canvas' all over my house already, I could just modify one. Jim just paints random things and hangs them on the wall I have given up trying to decorate. Right now I have a space ship, a ladybug, trees, a modern type piece in green and oh I can not forget the frog. But THIS would looks so much better.
Did I mention I LOVE it.

Kayce said...

Love this!!

Valerie said...

So, so cute!!!!! These would make awesome Christmas gifts!!! Start making them now less than 6 months to go!!

What is the purpose of multiple modge podge coats, is it a sealer?

Too cute.

Love V

Holly said...

I'm thinking you should open shop my friend...save up for another adoption or another trip to New York perhaps? :)
You really are amazing. This is beautiful and it terrifies me to think of doing it...ALONE.
But people would PAY to have those made for their homes.
Just an idea. :)

Briana's Mom said...

Love it, love it, love it!!!!

Diana said...

I LOVE it!!! I am going to have to pull something crafty out of this "so not crafty" body of mine and try to make one.

Unknown said...

Very cute! Love the sayings. Happy 4th!

The Gang's Momma! said...

adorable. what a great idea. crafty, funky, creative, and intentional. i love it.

many years ago, the boss made our family mission statement into a framed piece of art, with his own little hands. it's still one of my favorite-est gifts ever.

Anonymous said...

Love this! I am thinking that this might be my new go to baby shower gift for the expected little ones in my family.

Anonymous said...

On another note...
I just referred a blogger who is looking for a makeover to you. So, there might be some business coming your way.

meme said...

I knew you were an amazing writer and now a crafty artist. This is adorable. You should go into business!! Your Kentucky Friend.