July 22, 2010

The Heat...and napping

Everything seems so good now that AB is here with us.  More fun.  More complete.  More perfect.  Definitely more comforting.  We all miss him when we’re apart.
And on another note?  I’m not fond of the heat, to be honest.  It’s so hot that going outside for any reason seems a bit daunting.  Unless of course, we’re on our way to swim.  Which we have been, a lot here lately.  Some days the water is too warm.  Other days cool and refreshing.  And a couple nights ago, we swam in the evening and watched trance-like as a swarm of beautiful dragonflies danced up and down above us for the entire time.  

And while on a cart ride yesterday, we decided it would be fun to play in the road.  And since no one really lives out here (save a few lucky ones) it was a lot of fun.  
   IMG_3056-rev IMG_3098-rev        
And on yet another note, I am in love.  Yes, yes…of course with my beautiful babies and the family and AB….but oh.  The naps.  There’s quality napping to be had here.  Not just the kids.  Lordy, I love a good nap.   And everyone is tired at La Cabin, because we rise early and get moving.  So each day we all take a little siesta.  I must admit to looking forward to this time of our day more than any other.  Amen.

Apparently, so does Blizzard the dog. 

And Oma, bless her heart, who gets the baby up and lets the rest of us keep sleeping.  Say it with me: bless her heart.
So, yeah.  We’re doing well as we head into week two.  And now that Daddy’s here, it’s been a lot of fun showing him how we spent the last week.  How much better Quint is at swimming, the good food we’ve been cooking (oh, let’s be honest…I haven’t cooked a darn thing…but Oma has!) and the golf-cart routes we’ve been driving, the pictures we’ve been coloring.  Even the small town consignment store we visited and found a few treasures at.  Oh la la.
We’ve still got a lot of fun stuff planned, including but not limited to (heh) a Pontoon ride on the lake, a belated birthday swim party for Keira with Frogmore Stew (go ahead, click the link…don’t judge…no frogs included). 
And that little shindig will end with a campfire and some smores.  A first for Quint and Keira, and ingredients happily calling my name from the pantry as I type this.  Pics to come on that fabulous action! 

In the meantime, you can find Keira and I on the Ez-Go.  She’s an excellent driver.  Just sayin’.  For a baby and all.

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Single PAP said...

love that pic of keira in the road!!!