July 14, 2010

La Cabin in La Woods

We're back at La Cabin.  That's what I call it.  Lovingly.  Because friends, it's such a peaceful place.  And from the moment our feet step out of the car, we feel it.  I don't know...it's a different air.  The sounds of the river running down the hill from us, the trees, the dirt.  The sounds of the air.  The birds.  The peace.  The pace.  Life slows down and we fall into it like tired desperate people. 
You might recall this post when we were here in March.  And we enjoyed ourselves so much, it was hard to leave.  But now we're back for two weeks.  Like a real respite.  Not a blink, but a measuring stick worth of time.

And we plan on swimming, eating, fishing, grilling, napping, playing cards, and all around just being together with our family.  

And another thing?  I love having family around my children.  It makes a difference.  And we are soaking up their love and attention.  

So that's where we are.  And I plan to do some posting from Tranquility Central.  Some picture taking.  Some reflection.  And some blog makeovers (yours?).

We're heading into the post for Day Three, Part 2 - New York - Ground Zero, so be looking for that.

Love from La Cabin



Kim said...

Is that families cabin or are you renting it ????
I would love to be there for 2 weeks.. how relaxing..

Briana's Mom said...

That cabin is schweet!!!! So nice! Have a great vacation!