May 14, 2008


Only 5 days left until Gotcha Day - so much going on that I truly have very little time to blog about it. I'm attempting to organize myself today and I think I can make a bit of progress because I have no plans on leaving the house. Whew.

AB finished Quint's room last night and I will post pics tomorrow if I can. It's darling - I'm so proud of him - he really did an amazing job!

A friend came over and picked up all of Quint's clothes - took them home - and washed and folded them for me. I had no idea how much that would help me out - but it did! Another friend loaned me a ton of travel medicine, luggage, and other items to get me through my trip - priceless! Another friend loaned me their Baby Bjorn - there's $60 I don't have to spend! Or how about the friend who is loaning us the universal electric plug kit and a game to keep me occupied on the long flights? So lesson learned: don't be afraid to ask for help or to ALLOW others to help you. It has been a lifesaver for me. You'll see - no amount of prep work can truly prepare you for the week that you're traveling. Crazy!

We got our Yellow Fever vacs yesterday and the nurse who helped us was funny and warm and educated us for an hour on what to expect and what to look out for. She was great - the shot on the other hand...well, I've never been good with needles - and I'm not saying it was so painful (just a pinch) - but the after part...blech. Had a fever and felt poopy for the rest of the night. Went to bed at 9 and slept until almost 8. Yikers! Don't wait til the last minute on that bad boy - you really need to feel good to get your to-do's done and this shot makes you feel flu like for 48 hours. AB's doing great. Of course. My cheeks were so flushed last night, I looked like I ran a marathon. Shoot...

A big huge thank you to all my blogger pals and friends for all your supportive and encouraging comments. I mean, really! You guys are terrific - I've been so uplifted by your wonderful words and it's been so nice amongst our chaos to read such sweet things. Another thank you for all of you worried about, praying for, or thinking of our little Kaleigh girl. (pronounced "kay-lee")

She was at the vet all day yesterday and I took her back this morning where she'll spend the whole day there today as well. Basically, she must have ingested some type of textile. That's what they're leaning towards. Something that is sitting in her stomach and not moving. She is what they would call "partially obstructed". Because she still eats, goes potty, etc. She will be going through barium testing today to locate and identify the "object" and then we have to decide course of action. If nothing shows up with the dye - then we move to ultrasound. Jeesh - this ultrasound - keeps getting put off. The vet realizes we're leaving and they're really trying to get solid answers before we go. If it's a textile she'll need surgery to remove the object. If it's not - then we've got bigger problems, like a mass, etc. If you could, please pray for the easiest and least invasive issue. She will most likely have to board with the vet while we're gone - which is no fun for her - but for safety and ease for our pet-sitter, it just makes more sense.

Well, that's the latest and I've got to run and do more chores and to-do's. Pics to come of the finished nursery!


Kayce said...

Keeping Kaleigh in our thoughts!

Enjoy your day today!! Remember to take a break for nourishment! :)

Anonymous said...

I just want to put a HUGE thank you out there to all of Christie's friends for helping her get through the chaos of getting ready to bring Quint home. It makes me feel so good for her, that she has such a wonderful support and friend group. I wish I could be there for her to help with these things, but because of you, I am able to breathe a sign of relief and know that her needs are being seen to. For her blogger pals, thank you for being such a wonderful and supportive group for her. I know ALL of these things are helping her tremendously and that she is so "truly" thankful that you are all there for her. As far as I am concerned, you are all angels, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart and back again!!

Kim said...

Thinking of Kaleigh...
Hope all goes well..
I am sooo excited for you girly..
It is almost time...
Can't wait to see Quint's nursery..
I am sure it is amazing..