July 8, 2011

Settling into Vacation

I have to confess – I’m not really into “critters”.  Or creepy crawlies of any kind.  But there’s something to be said for nature – as a whole.  It kind of draws you in.  You can sit outside for hours here and just *listen*.  Tree frogs, birds, deer, turtles, and yes – bugs of all sorts.  And for some reason, they don’t bother me quite as much when I’m surrounded with the tall trees and the nothing but the sound of that nature around me.  I especially love (*LOVE*) when we’re having breakfast on the screened patio and a family of deer amble by.  That is exceedingly breathtaking.  We all kind of draw our breath in and whisper “shhhh….look!”  And it’s like time stands still for a minute and you’re watching this beautiful part of nature glide past.

Today was a day for relaxing.  We spent time outside just being.  Sitting and sipping coffee.  Sitting and talking.  Sitting and listening.  And it was a pleasant way to spend a Friday…and there are not enough of those slow days.  Can never be enough of them for most of us.  Sure, we ran a couple of errands – but they were fun errands that took us bargain shopping at a local small town consignment store (gold mine of goodies!) and errands that took us on a quick trip to the store for some sustenance. 

The kids did make their daily trek to the pool, and Mom and I did engage in a few hands of cards.  We had some great meals and we even managed to squeeze in a movie at the day’s end.  And little Quint, so tired from his day of exploring, conked out on my lap fifteen minutes into that movie, and stayed right there – sound asleep – until it was finished.  (Secret?  I loved every second of that summertime-out of the norm – sleep on my lap all snuggly because you had a really long day playing hard – kind of time with him.  It was precious to me!)  All too soon, Daddy was carefully lifting him up and carrying him off to his bed.

Tomorrow is a big family day – full of swimming, story telling, hanging out, napping, cards, Frogmore Stew (the very same!) and maybe even some smores by the campfire before bed.  And I can’t wait to soak up every minute of it.

But for today?  It was so nice to just settle into vacation….

Opa & the most irresistible girl on the planet

Snowflake the Dog gets some AB lovin’

Pop AB, looking relaxed and mellow

Have I mentioned we bring our sweet Anabelle when we come?  It’s a dog’s life up here!

Quint is having the best time exploring, uncovering, and searching for treasures. 
Today, Opa explained how he came by this empty turtle shell. 
IMG_4495    IMG_4499

Still, before long, Quint was up the hill with his best little friend, doing what boys do best…
getting dirty, giving his puppy some love, and exploring nature
IMG_4510    IMG_4516



There’s not much I can add to this day.  It was, in many ways, what vacation is all about…