July 9, 2011

La vie au chalet

For those, like myself, not fluent in La French….that’s “Life at the Cabin”.  To clear something up – and this probably goes without saying – of course, “La Cabin” is simply my pet-name for AB’s parent’s home.  It’s clearly not a cabin.  It’s a beautiful home over the river and through the woods…

One of the things I really treasure about time away that’s just for family, is the complete lack of routine.  Normally, well – at home anyway, that would give me hives.  But everything is kind of out the window on this trip.  Nap time?  Happens when it happens.  If we swim twice in a day – so be it.  Decide to read or decide to chit-chat?  Whatever sounds good in the moment.  Miss a meal?  Well, ok.  You've got me on that one.  We’re not missing any meals.  Heaven forbid. 

*Hey, side note:  speaking of food, we had my favorite summer fare this evening…wanna see our Frogmore Stew (sans frogs – there are no frogs in this stew people)?  It was DELICIOUS!  All the kids ATE IT UP!  And we, the grown-ups, might have had thirds.  Oh yes.


And I know you want to see the most delectable pastry you’ve ever put into your mouth?  Friends – how can I put this?  This completely homemade Blueberry Tart, with fresh whipped-cream on top, was so good that it had all three ladies uttering and sighing and eating with eyes closed.  It was THAT good.  Thanks to Mom B’s neighbor for the mouthwatering treats that were insanely, ridiculously amazing.  I will be craving these for months…


So anyway…got side-tracked by the culinary cravings…

This (below...see my feet?) was me today…on the porch, and can I tell you something? 


I loved it.  I loved being surrounded by family – happily ensconced in their conversations, laughing kids playing and chatting, and yes, even my own family catching up on the blog posts from the week.  There I sat, quietly capturing each of them, and loving each one of them and being grateful that God has blessed all of us in this way.

Later in the day, I stepped outside while all was quiet inside, and I fell asleep in that same chair for over an hour.  Undisturbed and blissfully unaware, I was soaking up the warm summer air, the ceiling fans pushing cool air down toward me, and the comfort of a recliner on a screened in porch.  Yes, you heard me.  A recliner.  Why not?  It was heaven.  I needed that.  You’ve read my posts, right?  The ones before vacation?  The ones where I am pulling my motherhood hair out and silently screaming for a reprieve?  This might be one of the best naps I’ve ever had – because it was so peaceful.  Only the birds and the sounds of the forest to lull me to sleep.

Memories are being made, practically at warp speed.  I’m so grateful for them.  Are we the perfect family?  No, of course not.  But these images on vacation capture some of the best parts of us – laughing, sharing, talking, resting, being…and that’s what it’s all about.  I can’t wait to share very similar images with you of our time in California last month.  What a wonderful summer we are having…