July 14, 2011

Inclement Weather Visits La Cabin


The weather has been strange around La Cabin.  One day hot, humid, and unbearable – leaving us housebound and with a bad case of  La Cabin Fever.  The next day brings thunder, lightening, and rain showers – leaving a sticky feel in the air, but cooler temperatures – yet, still housebound.  We’ve busied ourselves with card games, movies, walks, long naps, and good meals.  Still – I would be lying if I said the “housebound” part is fun with two toddlers.  They aren’t enjoying not being able to get out and run around every day.  Swimming has been put on hold – either due to temps over 100 (and frankly a warm pool as a result) or because of rain and lightening.  Not so safe.

Still on the whole, one can’t complain – because there is hot coffee in the morning, beautiful serene surroundings, awesome food, and relaxation by default of lousy weather.  Not to mention the good memories our little ones are tucking away with their family.

Tomorrow (Friday) – and good weather pending – we’ll take the family out on the lake boating.  I pray {pray} pray for decent skies!  Something to really look forward to – I can’t wait to see their expressions!




IMG_4736    IMG_4757

{just in case you thought I wasn’t here…I prefer the other end of the camera}

**Also?  Congrats to my baby sister Miss Ashley, who gave birth to her second daughter Victoria today.  10lbs. 10oz.  Doesn't that deserve a round of applause?   For my life, I can't imagine how she did it - but bless her heart...10 pounds?  A big smooch to Ashley and to baby Victoria!