July 14, 2011

Today went like this…

The day started early – as it always does.  Hot coffee perking, and my bright eyed babies up at the crack of dawn. 

5:30am, anyone?!? Bueller?

Fresh baked bread with butter and jam. (don’t get me started on the fresh bread)

We made time for cuddling and laughing, amidst breakfast on the patio and some relaxing conversation.

Around 10:30, we made our way to the pool.  The sky was cloudy and there was a slight breeze –
but the humidity was permeating and so the water was refreshing. 

We also enjoyed just sitting by the river, and watching the fog roll over the water.  It was peaceful and quiet. 

What else is there?



(*Seriously?  Do you not want to spend like, two days in that hammock?  
Cripes!  See that river back there?  And the fog that's resting on it?  I die.)

Swimming for a couple of hours left us with growling bellies and thirsty throats.  That’s when we decided to take a break and do this:


so that we could have this on tables by the pool:


I BIG TIME HEART eating outside if the weather is right – and it was perfect today. 

Sort of.

Because while we were eating, well, that’s when the sky got dark and the heavens opened up…and can I tell you something? All I could think of was diving right back into that water and swimming in that downpour. 

And it’s a testament to my simpatico husband, because he wasted NO TIME, grabbed our son, and did this:


…and so we all did. 

And if you can’t tell – it’s pouring rain in that water.


Oma and Opa joined us and for at least a half hour, there we were with only nature all around us as we swam – splashing and playing in the downpour – though I don’t have a picture to show you.  It was hands-down one of the best swimming experiences I’ve ever had.  We were surrounded by beauty in the mountains, we were covered in cool, refreshing rain, and truly had a wonderful time.

After some delightfully long naps, we made our way to the local Fish Shack and tried some tasty catfish and shrimp.  YUM, people.  YUM.  And I’ll just tell you the name of this cake we ordered:  Ding Dong Cake.  It was clearly a homemade delicacy, with several layers of fresh whipped cream and airy chocolate cake.  Oh, and a chocolate ganache on top.  Quite the hit at our table…little Mr. Quint hit nirvana in one bite.

Now we’re resting for the night, and preparing for our big day on the water tomorrow – we’re going boating! 

Can I say this also?  Vacation is rare for us.  So very rare.  I know I spend a lot of time on this blog dealing with the stuff in life that just "*is* or maybe the aspects of parenting that leave me gutted.  I hope it’s as fun for you to read some good old fashioned family stuff, as it is for me to be able to post it.  I’m well aware that reality is right around the corner to knock me on my hind side, but for now…I’m here.  And it’s summer.  And we’re together

And you can’t bottle up memories like these fast enough…
am I right?