July 31, 2011

La Cabin Boating


So I promised you a post about our boating adventure at the end of our La Cabin visit.  Well – here it is!

The lake was beautiful. Let’s start there. It was a hot July day, even early in the morning – which is when we “set sail”.
Although we were on a beautiful Pontoon Boat, so technically, there was no sailing.

Before we left the dock, I managed to grab a shot of the water. This shot.
And it struck me that God just doesn’t make junk. You know?

Off we went, and the scenery was breathtaking!

We’d been on this same lake before, last summer – but this time it was just different.

I don’t know why.

Maybe because this boat was a little faster and it kept me from feeling like a fried egg.

What with the wind in my hair and all. I still got burnt like a fried egg left too long in the pan – but at least I had the wind. Ahem.

We made precious memories and the kids absolutely loved every minute of our day…

IMG_5188_thumb[2] IMG_5206_thumb[2]

Since our hosts had a fabulous “tube”, we didn’t waste too much time before we took full advantage.

First up: Daddy and Quint. And he was a champ – not scared in the slightest bit, even when we hit faster speeds.

At one point, he rested his face in his hands as if to infer boredom. Not to be cliché, but (sigh) BOYS!

Never enough adventure – apparently – even when you’re only 3.

It was really great to see Anton and Quint out there taking on the water together – that boy LOVES his Daddy.



Eventually, we stopped and ate some lunch, followed by some really amazing swimming in a cove. The water was fairly clear, and slightly warm. My heart might have stopped a beat when our “captain” announced that the water wasn’t as deep where we dropped anchor. Only 52 feet. Gulp. Only 52? Is that all?  Meh. That’s nothing. (looks around nervously) Gulp. That’s only like, six and a half times deeper than the average deep end of a swimming pool. Gulp. And beyond our feet, it was pitch black. It took a “mommy moment” for me to resign myself that the children were snuggly harnessed into their life-jackets, and to enjoy this time.

Quint wasted no time waiting for Mommy to get emotionally ready for him to swim…he just dove right on in. And he proceeded to dive "right on in" off the front and the back of the boat several times. Swim, swim, swim, and up off the boat and back into the water. Repeat.

IMG_5172_thumb[2] IMG_5174_thumb[2] IMG_5175_thumb[2]

What happened next, I like to refer to as “FISHGATE”. It only took a few minutes for me to join them. Off I dove from the back of the boat and after a brief moment of darkness under the water, my head popped up and I was totally refreshed. It was really wonderful, if not a little bit scary. Just because there was no point to touch down. We were treading water, minus our floating devices. And everything was kind of ideal, until something brushed my leg. And I turned to ensure that it was my sister in-law – maybe her leg or arm. But no, she assured me it was not her. And I had this sinking feeling that it was not of the human variety. Which, can I just tell you? NOT my thing. (shudders) And maybe I had no business swimming in a lake, what with my discomfort of all things scaly or fishy. But it was so hot – and the water looked so nice…and I could not help myself. Still, I became a little paranoid. Every time I would feel a little “nudge” under the water or a slight tap, I would squeal and try to head for the boat. They would all laugh at me, and I would be kicking my legs and trying to keep lake-life away from me. That’s when it happened. FISHGATE. I was BIT by a fish. I assume a fish. I don’t know what. And it hurt! Right on my leg – my thigh. A sharp PINCH and a lasting throb. OUCH! Didn’t break the skin – but I shrieked loudly and started FREAKING OUT. Yes, go ahead…laugh at me. They all did too. But I couldn’t care less. I was swimming as fast as I could – “I’m outta here!” I shouted and made my way to the boat. Blech. Double Blech. FISHGATE. Blech. Downside to swimming in the lake? No matter how wonderful and refreshing it seems – it’s still crawling with “life” under those dark waters. Blech.

Moving on!

Next up in the tube was Keira Joy – oh yes, she did.


Her Daddy took her out and it was not until his arms got a little tired that she acquiesced to being brought back up on the boat.

And even then, she cried herself silly that her turn was over.


Until of course, this took over…which, was bound to happen eventually…


Hate to leave you hanging – but this post is long enough.

You will need to come back Tuesday for Part II and to see what happened when I took my turn.

And friends? You *might* want to come back for this one…
all I can say is it involved DRAMA that only I am capable of conjuring…true dat.

Tuesday then?