July 3, 2011


That’s what Quint calls it.  “Osh”.  It, being Ice-Cream.  Don’t know why – don’t know where he got it from – we just know that it’s practically his personal love language.  This kid loves ice-cream.  Whatdyagonnado?  He’s clearly got good taste buds…

And I have to tell you that my favorite place to go when we visit Cali is an old fashioned Ice-Cream Parlor.  Like, old school.  They make all of their own ice-creams and I can’t even describe it to you.  It’s sinfully, insanely, you will gain weight looking at it, kind of amazing. 

I don’t bother “looking” at it.  Ahem.

So I was very excited to take Quint there and let him enjoy in full-force what ice-cream should be about…none of this mamby pamby store bought osh…

The rest I’ll show you…



Meanwhile, next to Quint – AB was diggin’ into this beauty…could you die?

Never fear…I have an old standby that I am faithful to. 
And it’s true, no one needs this ungodly amount of ice-cream, and no – I could not finish it. 
But sweet mother, did I ever try. 
Here we have Toasted Almond ice-cream (to. die. for) with homemade caramel.
People.  It’s a dining experience that requires you take a moment. 
I could almost buy a ticket and head back  just to see this beauty in person again.  Sigh…


Until next time, sweet Osh…

Happy Drooling and Happy Summer