June 29, 2011


So this is what happened:  I had all these high ambitions today.  I had this mental to-do list that was full of really great and necessary things.  None the least of which was to catch up on my pictures and posting.  And I had what appeared to be the proper motivation to see those things through. 

However, I started out by getting way too absorbed in surfing my fav-o sites.  So much so that the hubs even commented on how absorbed I appeared to be.  And he was right!   But I could not pull myself away.  Ever have that? Just me?  And then we all ate breakfast together.  Toast and jam and peanut butter and honey and butter and whatever you could throw on your toast. 

Second, my morning got away from me.  I’m not sure how (ahem)…but I know that way too soon, AB had left for work and it was time to feed lunch to the littles. 

So I made this big mess of the kitchen making pasta and cutting up fruit and making super cute boiled eggs in our new egg molds (whole nother’ post) and guess what?  Not only did the kids not eat the pasta – but neither did I.  Had too much fun with the eggs, I guess.  And then I didn’t want to clean up the mess.  That’s not like me.  But I couldn’t bring myself to stand in there cleaning up.  So I didn’t.

We watched TV until naptime. 

And then my kids woke up WAY TOO EARLY – like an hour into it.  I admit ti being slightly peeved.  Because by this point, I had returned to my mental checklist and started crossing stuff off.  I was in the middle of a long overdue project, when my sleepy son ambled from his room.  And then began to cry – for who knows why.  And this woke up his sister – who sleeps far too lightly. 

So we went to the pool.  Because I couldn’t think of any other way to drain them of their toddler energy prior to dinner time.  So off we went.  And it was great – if you don’t count the tantrums and the crying and the overall handling of two toddlers in a pool at the same time, by yourself.  I’m sure you do it – and I’m sure it’s easier for you – but for me, it’s a little aaaaaaaaeeeeeeeehhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaeeee. 

Two hours later we made our way back home and I could only find the gumption to change our clothes, hang up the wets, and move like a sloth to the couch.  Sunburned to boot.  Sore.  Old. 

And then AB was home, there was activity and excitement and dinner was being made, and interviews were being conducted over the phone for articles in magazines, and it was loud and the kids were going monkey.  And I was watching The Andy Griffith Show.  I was.  I really was.  I could only bring myself to ask politely for a bag of chips and a coke, which my loving husband happily obliged me with.  Such a dear man.  Dinner of champions.  Should’ve eaten my lunch.

Dinner was amazing and we parented our way through it.  Been there much?  Like “eat your dinner” and “take another bite” and “good job” and “watch out, don’t spill your milk” and all that.

It was way too late and the kids were late getting to bed.  Not sure how that happened since we had too much time on our hands after the pool with which to be lazy on the couch watching Andy.

The children were put to bed and the kitchen was double the mess it had been at lunch.  And I don’t mind telling you that I promptly announced to the room at large that I would not be cleaning it up.  I mean, I will.  Just not today.  Because I just could not bring myself to do it.  I felt overwhelmed and tired just looking at the sink of piled up dirty dishes. 

So instead I sat back down at my desk chair and started where I started.  Surfing my favorite sites and remembering something about a post I was going to write.

And some days….you just can’t get past today to write about yesterday or the day before that.

So you get my today.

In all of it’s lazy, strange, off-ness.


It’s summer.