December 2, 2010

She’s the one…

It was a year ago today.  And I’m lousy with anniversaries, because I’m just forgetful.  But this one is etched in my heart because that wait…oh that wait my friends.  Took the lifeblood right on out of me.  Times five years.

Maybe you were following along back then, a year ago – when our world stood still for a whole day while we waited and wondered and cried and laughed and rejoiced?  If not, you can read it HERE and HERE.

But if you were, then you already know that it was the most amazing moment.  Filled with happiness and joy and so much excitement...and her…

Keira Joy - 1      Keira Joy - 2     Keira Joy - 3

And you can click here to see a special video of the moment we saw her face for the first time.  We don’t do small.  No, we are a family of big reactions. 

I guess it goes without saying that all those January days following our referral were etched with pain and heartache.  And a long, long road to healing and acceptance.  Because not everything is perfect.  Not everything can be situated exactly how we want it to be. 

Still, even through all the transition this year has brought to our little family, I look back on December 2nd – a year ago now – and I can only think about how much I love her.  How much she means to us.  How much she has changed our world.  And we are so much better for knowing her…thank God…so much better.  She’s the one.

IMG_7976  IMG_8035  IMG_8020 
IMG_8049   IMG_7993  IMG_7991 
 IMG_8041  IMG_8013  IMG_8005 
IMG_8009  IMG_8015  IMG_7994


Renate said...

She is so cute!! Her smile lights up the world! So happy she has her forever family with you. Kiss her for me!

Much love

Jimh. said...

She is beautiful! You do truly have a beautiful family! I hope you all have an ice-cream...or maybe something hot would be more suitable for this time of year!

Kayce said...

Happy Referral Day!! Isn't it grand to think back to that day and now look around you and see the joy! :)

Suz said...

Happy Referral Day!!! Can I just say, that you have got yourself just about the cutest little thing around, she is just precious - it's amazing what a year will do!

liasmomma said...

What a DARLING she is!! Love to see her happy, happy smile. I know it was a long and hard road to get to that happy place, but look how great it is now. So glad for your family!