December 1, 2010

Merry December

Well friends – we have made it!  Another year under our belts and another blogging year to begin wrapping up.  I can’t believe I’ve had this little “corner” going since 2006!  My oh my how my life has changed over those years.  Come to think of it, as I was pulling down the Fall/Harvest/Thanksgiving decor around the house, so that I could enjoy a FULL month of Christmas with the kidlets, this was the last image I saw of those things…

Fall Decor

All my regular cornucopia of items covered with crafts.  And this is a first for me.  Giggle if you must, (because we all know that this x 2 kids x years of collecting will get u.g.l.y for the attic space) but I could not part with those sweet little crafts my boy made in pre-school.  And I’ve been waiting so long to have just those types of nostalgic things to hang up and cherish and keep way too long.  I think it’s safe to safe that I’m extremely excited about the Christmas crafts!  We won’t tell AB.  I guess we just did.  Hi, honey!

Speaking of my favorite holiday, you all know by now that I can’t sit idly by and let a holiday pass without updating the blog look.  So sue me.  But let’s all take a moment and enjoy the pink, shall we?  I mean…I very rarely submit to such an explosion of color on the blog – but it’s so happy, if not a bit thrown together.  Well, who has time?  I’ve been a busy gal designing some other blogs…(whahoo! I love it…want me to Design yours?!?)

GO SEE THEM and spread some Christmas Cheer in the way of a nice comment!  They are all wonderful gals with wonderful posts…you will not be disappointed!

Meanwhile?  Merry December and Happy Christmas Season, and come back tomorrow.  I insist…it’s a special day for us.


The Gang's Momma! said...

Well, I checked them both out and you did a fabulous job!!!!! Great work, girl!!!!

Wendy in OH said...

Awesome job sista, but I kinda feel like you were three timin me??? whats up with THAT? Love the Christmas look, keep up the great work!

Valerie said...

This is an awesome seasonal look, I might be ready to change mine too ;-)

I wish I was as sentimental about the crafts from pre-school, but I get it in duplicate and it goes right into the recycle (do I get points for going green?)

Maybe I'll take pictures of their stuff and that will suffice - who am I kidding, I probably won't do that either.


The mess part....right there with you. Aubriana had a jacket at school that stayed in her cubby, and when I took it home to wash it the pockets were filled with gravel. Lots and lots of pebbles et al. I pictured the scene from Shawshank Redemption where he carves a hole in his cell and shakes it in the yard daily down his pant leg.

Miss you, hope to see you Friday.

Love V