December 22, 2010


So to help with the this struggle I keep telling you about, that is my beautiful boy - we looked for a resource that would help him learn some new skills.  I had a hard time with school.  The idea of school, for Quint.  I wasn't totally crazy about it - I can tell you.  Because I wanted to do it all.  Or thought I had to do it all - be all of it, and all that jazz.

And I didn’t want to traumatize him.  There was that.

Or seem lazy – because I’m a stay at home Mom.  I didn’t want it to seem like I was giving up.  Completely the opposite.  He’s my baby boy and I wanted what was best for him.  Something to help him out.  Something to stimulate his active mind and high energy level.

And also?  In the background of my mind?  Something that might offer me a chance to breath, re-group, and maybe even afford me some time to bond with little Keira.

We were having a hard time acclimating Quint to socialization.  He’s friendly.  Really friendly.  Too friendly.  Tackle you, take-you-down-to-show-his-love kind of friendly.  I was worried he’d be a bit much for his teachers to handle, let alone his classmates.

Turns out?  Not so much.  I think we worry about whether what our kids are doing is ok or not ok way more than we need to. 

And school turned out to be the best thing for my boy. 

This was the Fall Harvest Party.  And I’m a bit late in posting, but as I was looking over the pics again the other day, I loved the story they tell so much, that I had to share them.

 IMG_6877  IMG_6900  IMG_6880

He’s so HAPPY!  He has some very sweet friends and wonderful opportunities
 that he just doesn't get at home with the ol' Mommy Monster. (ahem)

IMG_6801  IMG_6920  IMG_6857

  He soaks up all the fun stuff and jumps right in.  No hesitation.
Hello Mr. Fireman!  Why yes, I would love to have my picture taken with you.


He has made friends and more friends…priceless.


It does not hurt that his teacher LOVES him.  Love, love, loves him.
That she just happened to have adopted two children herself.
That she has a soft spot for Quint and really "sees" him.
And we love her too…that doesn't hurt either.


Sometimes, I think we might need the things we’re afraid of.
It helps us grow and it makes us stronger. 
And wiser.
And cuter.


Maybe not that last one, but it certainly seems like he gets cuter by the day.

For now, it’s two days a week.  Next year, maybe three.  Either way, I’m happy we didn’t let the fear win.  He’s a spectacular boy – and he surprises me all the time with his fun-loving nature.  We just need to take it one day at time around here...hoping my sweet little man will find his way out of this "stage".

Until then...

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Diana said...

As a Kindergarten TA the BEST gift (other then reading and spending time with your child) is PRESCHOOL. They learn to share, get along with others, take turns and they learn so much!! I can not tell you how many kids come to Kindergarten and have never been away from there parents, they do not know how to sit, share and take turns or now the difference between a A and a 8. Mine went to a Childrens morning out when he was 2 "PLAY" and started preschool at 3. He loved it!!!