December 3, 2010

Give-Away...tis the season

It's that time again...yes, Bushel & A Peck Designs is giving away yet another fabulous Blog Makeover!  

In the spirit of the season, we're going to bless someone special!

Time to nominate someone you feel deserves a fun bloggie makeover!  Maybe this is someone who really needs a fresh look?  Someone who makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside when you read their posts?  Someone who should have more traffic than they do - because they ARE that good?  NOMINATE THEM!

Leave a comment with the link to your nomination'(be sure to only refer blogger formats) and the reason why you think they deserve this fun gift.  Everyone entered will get a name in Santa's Hat and a lucky winner will be drawn next week - with an extra surprise for the kind person who enters the nominee that wins!!  

(Maybe be sure you tell them you've entered their blog in the contest?  We don't want anyone winning a prize they might not necessarily want?  Phshaw on them though if they don' poopers.)

Ok, so get to it!  It's so simple.

1.  Click to leave a comment
2.  Nominate someone deserving that uses the blogger format
3.  Link to nominee

Easy peasy!

Tis the Season!!


Belly Monster's Mama said...

Ok, some are going to wrinkle their nose at me for this, but...

I love your bloggy looks. I do. I've been trying to get back to writing and blogging and I just am not motivated at all because my new blog stinks - it looks awful. I want to spruce it up but I just never have the time now with the two kids (and I know you know what I mean!!!).I've been really down lately and have been needing an outlet in which I can express myself and get feedback from others, and I know blogging can do that for me - but again, I'm completely unmotivated due to its ugliness.

So, I'm nominating MYSELF! I need help and I have a hard time asking for it, so this is my way of reaching out. Even if I don't get the free bloggy makeopver, at least I put it out there into the Universe that I'm trying to blog again and that'll bring me that much closer to actually doing it. And if I don't win, then I'm jsut going to have you do my blog anyway... I have more than one blog I want to write in so it'll be a fun project for us...

Here's where I'm at:

I haven't blogged in probably a year, so don't get all excited about what you might see there... it's

Love your new look here! So into the holiday spirit!!!

Hugs to you mama...

Lacie said...

Am I the FIRST person to nominate someone? REALLY? Cool!

Well, since I can't nominate myself, I will nominate my bloggy friend Ashley. Her and her hubby have had a long road of infertility. Most recently, she has experienced two failed frozen embryo transfers of her adopted embryos. After hearing the story of a couple at church who have adopted domestically, her and her hubby have decided that domestic adoption will be the way that they will grow their family. I figured that a makeover would be the PERFECT way to kick off this new leg of her journey!

Her blog:

Good Luck, Ashley! Woot, woot!

Lacie said...

I just blogged about this contest. I think it just such a fabulous idea.

Em said...

When I read this idea on Lacie's blog, the first person I thought of was Ashley. Then I saw that Lacie nominated her too, but hey we believe she deserves it! She has been through a lot lately and needs a great new look for the great new path that God is leading them on.

Hope said...

I found out about this contest from Lacie. :-)

I'm going to nominate Rain over at I'm nominating her because she is such a good writer. I love every post she writes, regardless of what it is about, and she always holds my interests. So I think that she deserves to have a blog that looks absolutely fabulous and special and unique to show off her great writing.

Room for More said...

I promis you this is not an underground conspiracy to get Ashley nominated! I PROMISE you Ashley is who came to my mind first. SHe has been an encourager to so many. She is selfless, always putting other people's feelings and needs first. She finds joy thorough every trial, and has a heart bigger than my home state of Texas. She is VERY deserving of your generous and sweet gift!
Merry Christmas!
Ashley: www.weareexpecting

dorothy said...

Throw my name in - I think about udpating urbanservant but just don't have the energy....since it's not broken, bleeding or dangerous it falls far down on the daily priority list.