December 27, 2010

Spoke. Too. Soon.

so after I posted today?  After I said that all is perfect?  Lovely?  Happy?

We had a disaster of sorts.

A series of events led to the death of not just AB's computer - but mine as well. 

Dead.  As a doornail.

Not just our computers, but my Father In-Laws as well. 

Yes, you read that right.  The grand total is 3 dead computers - beyond help.  No hope.  Not coming back.  Say goodbye.  (waving her hand...annnnnnnnd....scene.)

Good thing about small towns - there is a very kind IT fellow close by who stopped by the house to assess the damage.  Yes, stopped by the house.  Loving that kind of service.

But the diagnosis?

Ummm.  I repeat:


As a doornail.

No hope.

All three of them.

So here's the bottom line.  We are without computer.  (well, ok - except this one which does not belong to us) I'm borrowing my MIL's computer to tell all of you that it certainly seems, short of a miracle, I'll be skipping this week's posts.

Fotunately, I create regular backups of my computer files.  Sadly, I had not backed up December (read: Christmas pictures - omg...Keira's first Christmas at home!). 

Sadder still?  All of my programs are gone.  So in this case, my files can be replaced, for the most part.  All of my many programs - not so much.  Or not without great expense, as most of them were digital versions. 

We're getting the hard-drives taken out to see if any of the files can be saved.  But I'm cringing over what was most likely lost.  Permanently.  Like addresses.  Favorites (I have hundreds of links).  E-mails on my outlook server.  Oh!  (insert sad crying emoticon here)

Bear with me as I try to find a hoo.


Diana said...

I am soooo SORRY!!!

Kath said...

Feeling your pain, hang in there! There must be a silver lining somewhere. Plus educate the rest of us on backing up. Did you guys get some shared virus???? Just love on those sweetie and try not to let it bring you down! KCD

Ashley said...

Oh no- what happened?? I so hope you can save some of your files! Try to enjoy the rest of your vacation!