December 19, 2010

Missing them…


This whole having my parents across the nation thing is really turning out to be a bummer…especially now that we have kids.

Having them here for a month was, in many ways, so comforting and normal for me.  And for the kids?  Oh, it was more than that.

Quint sat in my Dad’s lap every day.  In the red chair.  Snuggling, laughing, playing, talking, watching TV, sharing a snack or some of my Dad’s tea.  It was a ritual they started and kept each day they were together. 

And both kids still ask for them DAILY.  Nina?  Papa?  Me see Papa?  Me see Nina?  Nina home?  Papa home?

Why do we have to live apart from the people we love and that love us most in the world?  So sad…

Especially around the holidays?

We’re missing them…

(and since I know you read the to you both!  We miss you every day!)


Marcie said...

I don't have children, but I do know how hard it is to be away from family. I live 1,000 miles from mine. I spend my Thanksgiving on the road and in a hotel room, rather than with my family that was all together. Thank goodness for technology-- can you imagine having to write letters and send pictures? I would die if I had to wait around for all of that LOL

Kim said...

I totally get this..
This year is a rough one for me..
I will get through it but not saying it is easy..
Love you my friend..

frogglet said...

Ahh that picture is priceless. I hated living away from my parents I am so glad we are back so I feel for anyone that has to live away from their loved ones.

Anonymous said...

i feel your pain. my family is halfway around the world. i mentioned to my son that his grandma might like the photo of him that was taken in sunday school. he said "why?". my heart cried for all the things she has missed because i moved away! mrs.k.

S.Wise said...

We are in the SAME boat. I miss my family terribly during the holidays. I miss them for Z and I miss them for the many blessings they bring!! I totally get the "comfort" thing. When we moved this summer, my parents came to my rescue and stayed for a few weeks... I cried hard when they left.

Have a beautiful Christmas my friend! We are both so blessed this holiday! So many dreams coming true! xoxo

Valerie said...

Amen to that.

Do you know Lil Dude told me he wanted your parents to come over for Christmas! He met them once and has asked about them at least a dozen times.

I can imagine how much your kids miss them and you too.

It seems to be he new norm, to live away from family and we are all in the same boat, drifting without a light in the harbor beckoning us home.

You are my light and I hope you know we shine for you here whenever you need a place to rest and revive yourself.

Love V

mom said...

You bet we read the blog sweetie!! I too, am missing you all so very badly!!!!!! Spending so much time with you and the kids was wonderful, but, now that I have bonded with my two precious little ones, the ache for missing them is terrible. I think about them almost daily and wish so much that we were closer.
I need all of my kids & grandkids back with me. : (

I love & miss you all.