December 7, 2010

Not too late

Between the lot of us, we read hundreds of blogs.  Hundreds.  And I know it's easy to miss the designs with Google Reader, Bloglines, and all that jazz.  But I can almost guarantee that someone you follow would love to have this makeover!

So take a minute and nominate them!

Ok, so you can't think of anyone?  Yes, it's been done.  And it's ok.  You can even nominate yourself.  It's not taboo!  Maybe you really need it?

Regardless - here's the deal:

Leave a comment with the link to your nomination (be sure to only refer blogger formats) and the reason why you think they deserve this fun gift.  Everyone entered will get a name in Santa's Hat and a lucky winner will be drawn this coming weekend - with an extra surprise for the person who enters the nominee that wins!!  

(Maybe be sure you tell them you've entered their blog in the contest?  We don't want anyone winning a prize they might not necessarily want? I'll say it again poopers.

Easy peasy, 1-2-3

1.  Click to leave a comment
2.  Nominate someone deserving that uses the blogger format
3.  Link to nominee and yourself

Get to it!  Tis' the season my friends...consider it your good deed for the day!
Friday is the deadline for entries...



Single PAP said...

i nominate myself. lame, i know. but after i get the current blog printed in a book.

why? because i need a fresh look to a new blog i have in mind..

Jen said...

Hi Christie,

I would love a new design for my blog! I use my blog to keep in touch with our family that lives far away, capture the 'funnies' in our lives and (hopefully) encourage other 'Mommy's'. While I love writing on our blog, I find making chances to the format overwhelming.

*Crossing my fingers*

Merry Christmas!


Jen said...

Oops! My blog address is :o)

Diana said...

I hate to say ME but I am going to say it..ME ME ME!!! I had a friend who was doing mine for a while kinda quit on
Love the picture of Quint with Jessie and Buzz. I so miss when mine were that age.

Kristy said...

I nominate myself cause GIRL you know mine needs it!!!! Christie after the new year lets get together okay Im just dying too!!!!

Love you, Kristy