December 13, 2010

Who’s the winner?

December Give-Away

Yes, the weekend has come and gone and the Blog Makeover Contest has ended…(so sad)

Everyone who entered got their name in Santa’s Hat – and out came a lovely name, and a lovely winner

Ashley at Expecting Miracles – you’re the lucky gal who just won a Full Bushel Blog Makeover from Bushel & A Peck Designs

Remember when I said that the sweet person who nominated the winner would also get a special treat?  Well, it’s the spirit of Christmas after all…the season of giving.  The joy of…oh enough

Em?  Em from Snowflakes are one of a Kind?  Ashley’s kind nominator?  You ALSO won a Free Full Blog Makeover from Bushel & A Peck Designs!  Yes, yes you did indeed.  (I know, awesome, right?  I do LOVE me a good give-away!)

Both of you can contact me at to get started on your new design. Congratulations to you BOTH!

To all of you who entered, many thanks!  You are ALL deserving!  If it makes you feel any better – I have a great $40 price tag on the Full Bushel Package right now.  That’s the big un’!  Merry Christmas to you, eh?  Head over to the Design site and let’s get you started!

Anyone else up for a new look?  It’s almost 2011 after all…new look, new vibe, commitment to more writing and expressing?  Trust me when I tell you, a new look on the blog somehow lights the fire!  It’s so refreshing…

Meanwhile, here’s a pretty picture I took at our local zoo.  And I have no idea the significance of this picture for this post, but I just thought I’d share.  Muah!


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Ashley said...

Thanks so much- I'm so excited for a new look!!