August 2, 2009

Oops, I have a blog

Sorry bout' that. I think I kind of...err...fergot about this here blog for a week. oops. We just had such a busy week - I think poor Quint had more babysitters this week than he's had since he came home from Africa. Sigh. It's been transitional, because as much as we deeply appreciated all the baby boy help we got (and we got a LOT), he's also out of sync now - and doesn't want to...I don't know...MIND his parents. Ahem. Maybe a little too much spoiling went on with all the helping hands...but I think every little boy deserves that now and then.

Aside from the meetings, church commitments, a farewell party, and even a Marriage Retreat for a couple days (!! read oh la la !!) - work, parenting, long phone conversations that lasted five hours into the wee hours (Ma! ahem) and changes in some structure around our house - I have to say - it's been a challenging and very busy ten days. Lots going on and lots to do.

Meanwhile, lately in the back of our mind is the fact that we're nearing the end of our China journey. It's becoming more and more prevalent - and of course that has to do with the fact that we're now 7 "log-in" days away from being at the front of the proverbial line. It's been such a long journey - that I almost don't believe it. I hear myself telling curious friends where we stand, and watch their eyes get big as they realize how close we are - but it still doesn't feel real. I've been living the wait for Keira so long, that I haven't or can't or just don't imagine what the next phase will actually look like for our family. It feels naive and not in a good way. I know it will change the way our family functions, the dynamics, the way we do things - etc. And I guess, just like before Quint came home, I couldn't imagine how Quint would impact and improve our family life - in the same way I can't imagine those things for Keira. It'll happen when it does, and we'll take it one day at a time. To be really honest, we don't spend much time thinking about it - because life is full and busy and we've kind of taken the posture of just waiting it out and getting on with our lives. Easy for us to say, as we have Quint to keep us running constantly.

Anyway, here's some cute-overload as my son enjoyed a swim party earlier in the week. I love, I love, I love this child. He is my joy and heart!


Young Creations said...

So glad to hear from you. Quint is just precious and adorable. I can't believe 7 more days. How exciting.

I hope you have a great week.

Valerie said...

There you are! We missed you on Fri/Sat....Lil Dude was pointing to your chair and asking "Cwisseee?" repeatedly.

Great pictures. Marriage weekend huh. I just need a room and a few good books. You know which ones, I know you do!!!

Love V

julie said...


Catherine said...

Quint is an azmazing little guy! Love all those fun, funny expressions!!

Kim said...

I soooo can not wait to see Keira right in the middle... Quint and Keira will be like 2 pea's in a pod......
QUINT is soooo HANDSOME... you are AMAZING .. tresure every moment they grow up WAY TO FAST..
thanks for all the great comments..
Love ya girly..

Anonymous said...

Great pictures!!

Eloise said...

Precious pictures! That expression of pure joy on Quint's face in the 2nd picture is priceless.

Excitedly counting down the days with you. I can hardly believe you are getting so close!

S.Wise said...

I love the picture of Quint kissing you in the pool!!!
Soon there will be 2 kiddos fighting for that kiss! :)

J said...

So stinkin cute. I just love the photos. Quint is getting so big. I know what you mean about not believing the wait is finally over. It took awhile to sink in. Your family of three will soon be a family of four. Wow !! Very good idea not to fret about the changes that are about to come. All will be well.

Jill said...

Such sweet pictures - love them! And don't worry about the soon to be change in family dynamics. The more the merrier :)

Mya said...

Wow! A referral in the 6-8 weeks, about time! Love the pictures of Qunit, can so see his personality! Don't have any words of wisdom when it comes to having two children! I am doing well with just one! Can't wait to follow you on this next journey.

On another note, I don't post much but loved your honesty on the challenges being a new adoptive parent. You sure don't see many posts about what it's like after your home! Thank you for being so real! It wasn't easy for me either and you were not alone! I felt so guilty because I was so overwhelmed, I went to visit my brother for a few days just 3 months after coming home with my precious little girl! Did I miss her like crazy, yes, but I needed that break mentally! All is good now, but no one could have prepared me for that. Sure wish there was a manual for us adoptive mom's!