August 5, 2009

Everything in TWO's

When my kids become wild and unruly, I use a nice, safe playpen. When they're finished, I climb out. ~Erma Bombeck

I've been thinking about some of the things that we don't have but will invariably need to have with two (ahem) two (cough) two (sputter) toddlers running around our little house. I'm two (snort) parts excited, one part freaked out, and a dash of GULP on top.

I was talking with a friend a few days ago and I said "what if Quint is the calm one?" HA! People, if this is true - then we're royally and officially up a creek with no paddle. My friend tried to comfort me and added "maybe Keira will be the sweet, quiet, and thoughtful one". Have you met my husband and I? It's not likely. Fate is much to happy to see us squirm, I think.

Our little guy is energy on wheels and would rather climb, scale, turn over, push down, build up, topple, pull, seek and destroy than pretty much anything else. He has his moments of cuddle time - but they are scattered. He's all about getting into whatever he can possibly find. In other words, he's a typical toddler. So I'm ramping up for two. Double. Trouble.

Meanwhile, last night I found myself being reminded by another friend that she was (and has always intended on) planning a baby shower for Keira. Oh yeah. I forgot about that. Because you're going to get your referral in the next 6-8 weeks most likely, right (she added)? Um, right. I guess we are. Hmmm.

So much has changed since we started this path. So much is different. Everything was for Keira in the beginning. Everything was about her. I could hardly go shopping without noticing things I wanted to add to her growing collection of toys, books, clothes, and hair bows. It's been so long since I truly bought anything for her, with intention - I've almost lost the feel of it.

Yesterday I "splurged" and bought a cute little "first year" calendar for her. I was just looking at it. First word. First tooth. First ____. I'm not sure how old she'll be, but my hope is that we'll get to have as many of those firsts with her as we can. Finally though...I can plan to start sharing those firsts in the next few months. Before Christmas. Before Thanksgiving? Before Halloween? Absolutely surreal.

For the past two years, it's been all about our boy. Boy stuff. Boy clothes. Boy toys. Little boy toes and little boy smiles.

Now the time is closing in for Two's. One little boy and one little girl. Two kids. Terrible Two's (never mind, we're already there). Two highchairs, two boosters, two cribs, two car-seats, double strollers, and double the diaper duty. Two. Double trouble. Double love. Double hugs, kisses, and cuddles.

It's breathtaking. I just hope I can do them justice. All two of them.

Sending out an early S.O.S. They're going to eat me alive...

You'll find me in the pack-n-play...waiting for the storm to pass...(which is like, after high-school, right?)



frogglet said...

What an adventure you are about to take!! I am so excited for you.

Kim said...

you will do fine..
They will fit into your life perfectly..
I am excited to see Keira in the mix... she will probably rule Quint...LOL..
Girls do RULE...LOL..
Love ya girly..
Quint has helped pass the time and now your family is going to be complete..
Bring on the referrals..

S.Wise said...

Ok. This is hysterical... but I know it is true! :)

Kiera and Zoey and coming... SOON!

Hey, I'm so excited you are coming to California! If I remember right isn't your family in the Rancho C. area? When the time draws closer, just let me know when exactly you will be here! I would love to give you that hug!!!!! :)

Catherine said...

Can't wait to see your arms full of double the love! arm full and two feet chasing after your adorable, beautiful Qunit!

Not long now!!

Dena said...

Wow! Big ol WOW! You are finally closing in! I figure you've made your big, giant adjustment to parenting, maybe KJ will be easy peasy like my 2nd was. I was shocked by how easy she was after #1 just about ate my lunch.
Yay, cannot wait to see her picture. Who is this Keira Joy we've been waiting forever for? Cannot wait! (But I will. :)

Valerie said...

Girl, I feel ya. You know I do.

We're gonna need a bigger play pen for the both of us.

This too shall pass.....

Love V

Young Creations said...


I have been "with" you for so long during the wait for Kiera. I am so excited. You will be an incredible two mom, I just know it. I will read and celebrate with you and Anton all the way.

Debbie said...

My oldest 2 were 17 months apart in age and when I think back to those days I find myself wondering how I did it. Somehow, I came up with a system that worked for me, my husband and the kids. We survived and now I can't wait to do it again with 2.

I have no doubt that somehow you'll also figure out a system that works for you and your family as well.

julie said...

not until they're 30.

Kayce said...

You will do tooooriffic! The twos for us with Jacob were the best, now three...that was a completely different story!