August 15, 2009

My beef

Yes, that's beef in there.

And no...I don't believe we've made it anywhere near the China cutoff. Looks like they processed referrals through 3-24-06. 2 days.


The hits just keep on comin'

I kind of expected it

but still


I suspect they will take the longest possible road to match families with the 3-29-06 LID

Translation: three to four months more to reach a match for our log in date

Translation: Travel in January 2010.

Reality come January: Almost FOUR YEARS since Log In. Who could ask or expect anyone to wait that long? I mean, be reasonable. For the love of God.

Translation: Lame.


Young Creations said...

I have been thinking of you so much lately. I know "we" are so close to seeing Keira's beautiful face. I say "we" because I feel like I have been on this journey with you and Anton. I am so sad that it is moving so slowly. I guess that is all I can say.
With love,

John & Michelle said...

I am so sorry to hear that they only did 2 days. For that very reason, we decided to end our "RUN" for China. While I am crushed, every month when referrals come out I know we made the right decision. Keeping you all in my prayers!

Cate said...

It's completely lame. At least the 25th and 26th were weekend days getting you two more days closer.

I can't wait to see Keira's sweet face and to know that your absurd wait is over.

frogglet said...

How disappointing, I don't care if it was even a little bit expected that does not make it easy or right. I am still holding on to hope that you will hold your daughter before Christmas.

Take Care,

Valerie said...

It is awful.....and yet, you know that when you meet your Keira, the wait will be what it had to be in order for you to have each other.

The same way it had to be the right time for the amazingly wonderfu Q-bear. A week earlier or later and i wouldn't have been him!

Love you.

Andrea said...

I swear it is a cruel joke. This whole process!! Ugh!! Hopefully it will be sooner than you think. At least you will be finished soon, I think my LID group will hit 4+ years before we get a referral, if they don't close before then. Cruel joke!

Paula said...

With my own LID of August 1st, 2006....I would have to agree with you. Yup. Totally LAME.

Love your blog.