August 19, 2009

Need Your Help

Ok - time for some transparency. Most of you know, I'm not one to skirt around the truth over here.

After four years and one completed adoption, we've been steadfastly assessing the financial situation to complete Keira's adoption and sadly, it's looking very grim.

So drastic times call for drastic measures...

Humbly, I need your help -

Can each of you leave me a good (and practical) idea for raising money to complete Keira's adoption?

I know I don't have to tell YOU that the economy stinks...we've lost money among other things just like every one - and our hopes to rebuild our adoption fund after returning from Africa have not quite gone according to plan. At all.

I know all you clever people have some jewels up your sleeve and we need all the good ideas we can get.

I don't let my mind wander to the "what if we can't get the funds together"...actually, I do let my mind wander there. It's a dark place, friends. But you know that.

So all you creative thinkers send some good stuff my way. We really need to collaborate and possibly approach several different ideas at once - so all suggestions welcome.

Thanks in advance - I'm preparing to be inspired by your creativity!


Julie said...

We are starting a fund raising business. You don't have to be a non-profit group to benefit from it. I would love to have you as our first customer. You have a great place to advertise right here.

frogglet said...

Good luck, I am struggling with this as well. My sewing is not moving at all. There is a Yahoo Group for adoption fundraising and they have a few ideas, Unfortunatley I don't think most of them will work for us, but you might have better luck.
Take Care, Cora

Betsy said...

Hi Christie! I don't know you, but I love your blog. :-) So I thought I'd ask... are you crafty, or do you sew? Is there anything that you could make, and then sell on a site such as Maybe some cute vintage-y aprons, or pretty embroidered throw pillows... something that wouldn't take too much work to put together. I've always thought it would be super fun and a good way to raise a bit of extra cash, if you have time for the crafting.


-Betsy (in OR)

Mussipitz said...


I would also recommend the crafty section...

I made those

it is always a cute present and people are more likely to spend in little things...

If you would like to do them, I could send you my (own made) pattern.

Warmest regards from Germany


The Gang's Momma! said...

Head yourself over to No Hands But Ours and check out their resources. There are a number of organizations that provide grants and scholarships to families waiting for their children. There's a link on my blog to their site.

Additionally, you can ask your agency for a list of resources that help fund the process - especially if it's a Christian agency. There are tons out there. We only wished we had known about them all when we were waiting.

Finally, you can host a raffle or "auction" and network with other IA moms who are crafty. They can donate to your fundraiser and you can raffle off tickets to win the donations/prizes. That option would have had to work for me, I am neither artsy/craftsy or "sew-y" - just wordy. :)

Betsey said...

Hey Christie,
I've been following your blog for a while. I've seen quite a few adoption bloggers that are having gold parties. If I'm following the idea correctly, you get a bunch of friends together and they all bring old gold jewlery that the don't mind parting with. Then the person running the party (appraiser maybe?) pays each person for their gold. You get a percentage or your friend can choose to just donate their proceeds to your adoption. It seems like these parties are raising a good bit of dough. Here are a few links to bloggers I've seen do it. You can probably contact them and get the real scoop.

Hope that helps. Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

I believe you own experience of adopting a child could be sold! They are so many families waiting for the adoption of their child and have no idea what to expect! A book of experiences and tried an true advice would most definitely sell!

Fiona said...

Okay - I'm being really practical here - have you looked into refinancing your home? We just did so - for other reasons - and the interest rate we got was really low and we came out way ahead financially. If we had wanted to, we could have refinanced up to 80% of the assessed value of our home - and the amount of money you get beyond the amount needed to pay off your current mortgage you can use in whichever way you choose. Check with the mortgage folks at your bank - I hope that you are as pleasantly surprised with the whole refinance as I was as it let us decrease our monthly payments overall by a lot and gives us the flexibility to live on one salary instead of absolutely needing two.

Anyway, enough of this and my story - I love reading yours! I found your blog via Kelley's blog - she and I adopted our second daughters at the same time. I pray that you and all those others who are waiting get referrals soon! And that you will soon be enjoying life as a family of four!

Fiona in WI

Kelly & Todd said...

You are a WONDERFUL writer and I love reading your blog. I agree 100% with the previous comment about writing a book about your journey to Africa. However, if that seems to daunting, have you ever given any thought to submitting articles to magazines and/or newspapers? You are so creative and touch on so many different topics. I truly believe you have mass market appeal. There are so many publications out there - perhaps a quick internet search or visit to the library would help get you started??? I know I'd read any magazine you were published in.

Good Luck -- kelly :-)

PS - One of my favorite posts is still the one where you describe AB as being your 2:00 O'Clock. My heart still melts when reading that post.

Suz said...

You are an awesome writer, and I agree with the above for sure, but I know you are probably in need sooner! Our best one we did 4 years ago, can you belive it, was a coffee house. We had friends do comedy/music sets at our church, family pitched in desserts, lemonade, water and coffee and we just let the evening transpire. It lasted about two hours, everyone did 20-30 minutes and I think we had a few raffle prizes, notes on the tables with the sponsors and red evnelopes for donations on the way out. We showed the SCC When Love Takes You In video at the end, has some adoption pictures of other couples at the main entry and raised more money than we dreamed of!

We also did two garage sales and ended up having customers come back with their own donations, it's amazing how people want to be a part of this. Hope that helps, and you better hurry up! Our time for China is almost here my dear!!!!

D said...

When we did our first adoption we did an iPod raffle...we made about $2800 after paying for the iPod, and tickets were $20 each.

There you go!

Becky and Naing said...

Christie, we met on the yahoo group a man who started a t-shirt biz for people going through adoption. he sales the t-shirts to you w/whatever you want them to say and then you sale them to people. We sold shirts for $25.00 and sold over 75 of them. his name is Caleb and his company is missionthreads. His email address is Hope this helps.

julie said...

Wow, lots of great ideas. I especially love "snooze66"'s idea. You can add to it a silent auction and vendor booths (weather/room permiting.)
I like the t-shirt idea. I also like the raffle idea, but make sure it's legal.
Best of luck! I know it will happen!

Melanie said...

I like the coffee house idea, too. Think big and creatively, Christie. You can do it!

Emy said...

Don't know if anyone has tried this, but my friend is planning on doing a walk-a-thon or jump-a-thon, something like that. She is a teacher and was going to do it with her school. Would AB's school be on board with something like that? You could give prizes to the kids that raised the most money, has the most sponsors, walked the most laps, etc. Praying for you guys!

Anonymous said...

Hey... You are welcome to contact me... I have a few ideas and could also offer up a few items for you to raffle if you'd like.

Mom 2 six said...

I am a softie when it comes to fundraising. I constantly chip in- I suggest applying for grants - we were very lucky.

Stacey said...

Hey Christie,

I do not know if this was suggested above or not but I wanted to say that you could hold a raffel, I understand that your honey is a wonderful chef... Well maybe you could get him to do a dinner for two for the winner. I know others have said a garage sale could help, and we did that and asked our friends and local church to donate any unwated items for us to sale with the understanding that if they did not sale them we would donate everything to goodwill. An ebay action is also an easy thing to do. A pancake brunch can also be a fun way to raise money. If you decide to sell arts and crafts let me know I would love to make up some scrapbook pages for you to sell if you want. We are here for you if we can help in anyway... Just keep us posted, and hang in there. Side note... Don't know if you have ever watched the PBS show Between the Lions, but in it there is alway a short clip of a guy named..."Cliff Hanger" His line is always the same "Can't Hold On Much Longer" I swear that guy has nothing on you girl, but I know you guys are gonna make it. Your in my thoughts and prayers.

S.Wise said...

Hey girl,

Sent you an email several days ago. Did you get it? I'm not sure I have your up to date email???

I wish I could help you. If I had to choose from all the options, I would choose to do a raffle! Those are fun and successful!! :)

mindi said...

I would say raffle also - get a business to donate something (like a dinner for two!) and then raffle off tickets for $1 a piece.
I so hear you on the losing money thing - it is so tight around here - but at least we're all healthy and happy :)
You're one strong lady, I really admire you for your perserverence!!

Marilyn Gregory said...

My friends (who adopted from Ethiopia) did a huge yard sale and raised 3,000 in one day. Everyone donated items -- great stuff --- and everyone pitched in to help during the sale.
Everyone has things to get rid of.

Anonymous said...

All great ideas Christie. I also agree with a raffle, that would be fun and usually raises a lot of money, especially if you have one coveted item. You can go out and get some great donations from your local community I'll bet! Also, AB is an Arts teacher, how about a play? Dinner theater? a talent show? Advertise in the penny saver or local cheap paper for talent acts, or for people to come to the play as a fund raiser. Get a local vender to donate the top prize for a talent show, it can be done! Entry fees, and ticket fees add up! Advertise on all the local church boards. As a fund raiser for such a great cause, it could be a great show!! Love you guys, deany

Single PAP said...

i'm in the same freakin' boat. selling my own stuff at my yard sale only brought in $70... not enough! this time i am collecting donations. i suggest you do that too. we could both have our yard sales on oct 30 and both post about it. that'd be fun. i love the raffle idea. might try that. i also love the jump-a-thon idea at your husband's school. as a teacher i am going to see if i can do that.

finally,i agree w the above posters about your writing. you really do have a gift. of course that won't bring in money now but i would suggest you think about selling some of your writings. tweaking this blog into a book would most def sell.

good luck!