August 25, 2009

Last Summer Swim

Ok, maybe we can still swim - but it was the last time before school started (which it has) and it was a really good time.

So after weeks of 95 degrees and up, I have to confess...I'm ready (so very ready) for Fall. I was thinking today how fast the last four months of the year go by - but everytime they show up, I'm so excited all over again. Definitely my favorite time of year.

Bring on the pumpkins, cool evenings and breezes, fall leaves, autumn colors, and yummy warm apple smelling candles...mmmm

Fall Post Coming up to get you in the mood for September (which is only 6 days away).


frogglet said...

I love fall and am so ready! Love the swimming pictures.

Andrea said...

I agree, bring on fall!! Better yet, come on 2011!!

t~ said...

Just checking in with you to see how big your little guy has gotten! doesn't take long does it? He's so big and soooo handsome. Great family pic!

Kayce said...

I'm looking forward to fall here too. Our fall is our summer here at the beach...the fog leaves us for 3 months and the nights are nice and warm...a wonderful feeling after a summer of sitting in the drizzly fog! Can you tell I'm not a fog girl?? LOL.

Cute pictures of you three! Next summer on the last day before school starts, there will be a little lady in that picture!

Valerie said...

I'm for any season that doesn't involve excessive shaving, sweating and swimsuits.

Light the apple candles and grab a sweater (Please G*d).

S.Wise said...

Such fun pictures!! I too am a fall freak! I love love love it!! Ummm. I can smell the apple pie and feel the cool breezes!!