August 12, 2009

Whatsa happanin'

We have a fraction of days left until our summer is over and AB's school year begins. And by fraction of days, I mean five. Thus the reason for my lack o' bloggin.

For Christmas AB got me a gadget that converts camcorder video tapes into DVD's. It's really cool software, and I've been immersed for the last three days trying to convert a lot of our tapes into DVD's. One in particular that I'm especially proud of is our trip to Africa. I had video and pictures of our trip in five different places. Pictures and video that I and several people had taken and given to us, of our referral, departure, trip, and homecoming. It was amazing to combine all of them in chronological order and create a "movie" of the event with transitions, etc. So great to have for the future!

Now I'm working on the past year + of video we have of Mr. Q - and there's quite a bit. But I just keep thinking how dangerous it is to have everything on one little tape (or ten little tapes in our case). So much safer to create DVD's and store the tapes somewhere safe.

Of course, doing this project brings to the forefront how much our little guy has changed over the last year. It's almost surreal how much he has grown up - from a baby to a little man. And I have to say - it puts some things in perspective. Like say...not taking yourself too seriously. And appreciating all the little things, letting things go sometimes, taking in all those sweet moments as much as you can (and it's never enough), and recognizing that time goes by way too fast to spend them in constant "mom" mode.

Sometimes it's fun to just sit and enjoy the antics that a 20 month old can get himself into.

I've taken these pictures over the last few days that showcase some of that...

We bought this little "car" at a yard sale for $2 - it's perfect and Q loves it!

He also loves a non-traditional method of riding on his car - which I find rather hilarious...

and let's just all take a moment and say it together..."Charming". And he might know it.

We were preparing dinner. All together. And someone, not naming names, that is short and almost 2, and a into Daddy's pots and pans and started playing. And yes, that's a safety clip on the door...but seriously - in this case, what did it hurt? Nothing. And he's stinkin' adorable. And he entertained himself this way for almost 30 minutes.

Tonight, while making dinner, AB hollered for me to come and look, quickly. I found Quint had done three things:

1. Moved Daddy's desk chair out of the way.
2. Moved his own chair (for dining) up to Daddy's desk
3. Had started doing all kinds of "work" on the laptop - including but not limited to; paying bills, writing his local congressman, and catching up on current events.

As if he needed to smile at me to be considered any cuter. But he did. And he is. Cuter.

On the Keira Front: We're watching for referrals just like everyone else. Reminder for those not following - we're 7 log-in-days away from being matched. They average 2-3 log in days per current month. Sometimes more, sometimes less. We could see a referral for Keira in August (not likely) or September (most likely) or potentially October (somewhat likely). We're prepared for any of those scenarios - because we're not ready for any of them. Ha!


frogglet said...

Quint is so cute!
Love that you are backing everything up I really need to do that.
I hope you see Keira's face soon!

Norma said...

Quint is growing like a weed!!!
Can you tell about the equipment you used for the conversion.........of the DVD's that is.
Imagine having's awesome