August 21, 2009

You're A+

Whahoo! That's what we think about all of your great, fabulous, wonderful, amazing, ingenious ideas! If you left a comment on the previous post - thank you thank you thank you for your thoughtfulness!

We are still processing a lot of them - figuring out which ones will work, and how we can make them the best they can be. We don't have a ton of time - but all things are possible (if ya catch my drifty!).

You are the best! We WILL make this happen - just gotta get some of these great ideas into the implementation mode. I've got some ideas of my own brewing and I'll post about them as they come to fruition, so stay tuned on all of that!

Woot woot! (Feel free to keep leaving ideas, if the mood hits you!)


Kim said...

Can't wait to see which ones you picked..
I always try to think of ideas..
Love ya..
it will all fall into place..

Melanie said...

My MOMS Club recently held a fundraiser at a local children's bounce place. Admission was $8. $5 of that went to the bounce place and $3 went to school supplies for local children.

Also don't forget many of the home parties (Tupperware, Tastefully Simple, etc) have fundraisers, too.

Unknown said...

Looking forward to hearing ideas too! Will be praying for ya as you have been such an encouragement to me too!

Kristy said...

Christie I just wrote a book as you probably know but you have to remember that you have to spend money to do that. And it took mine from start to finish about a year and a half. I do not mean to sound discouraging because the book is a great idea, but it takes time. So I will be thinking about other things and I will let you know.

Love, and blessings, Kristy

God will make a way.....