August 29, 2009

Goodbye August, I'm sorry I won't miss you...

Yes, farewell to the last true month of summer!  The hottest and my least favorite month next to January (because it's just depressing people...the holidays are over, and it's just blah).  I think just to show me how much the weather gods heart me - we had a beautiful 80'sumthin day and evening.  It was wonderful!  We were picking weeds and doing some yard work tonight - all three of us (start em' young) - and I said "can you believe this weather?  Like it knows it's September in three days".  Lovely!

School is definitely back in session around our house.  Poor AB!  He's got a cold or something - sick already with the hustle and bustle of his new schedule, new classroom (or lack thereof - nother' post), and his brutal class load and impending rehearsal schedule.  He gave me a calendar with all the activities that are scheduled so I could add them to mine - sync up, if you will.  I about croaked!  What the frig!  I don't know HOW he does it.

Quint - sweet love of my life - is going through a really rough terrible two-ish stage right now.  Can you send us some good ju-ju?  Ha!  We need it.  He's whining all the time...saying "no, no no" (just started that business) when he doesn't get his way, having temper tantrums, all that jazz.  I'm not sure why he decided to wake up one morning and become Rosemary's Baby - but I'm just looking for a little sympathy, or a shout out, or a btdt mom to pat me on the cyber back and say "welcome to the frigging club".

Meanwhile, I'm very busy on the Keira's fundraiser front.  So much to do, so little time.  (my fault!) Thanks to all your great ideas, we've decided on some great functions - two that I think will really help ease the burden.  Please head over to read more about that at our new site.  You might be able to help out, never know!

In closing, I read today that a news reporter in Iraq got released from prison three months early after serving a nine month sentence for throwing his shoes at W (as in George B.) last year at a press conference.  Apparently he went from an obscure reporter to a hometown  country hero.  Like, big time.  And they're all hung up on how proud they are of him for throwing his shoes at Georgie to show their dislike for the US invading their territory.  No matter how you feel about George Bush - still, I just don't get it!  In the words of the great Austin Powers "Honestly?!?  I mean, who throws a shoe!?"  Seriously, people.  


The Gang's Momma! said...

Ugh. August 30th. I'm trapped today between my annual "I can't believe my summer with my kids is over already" and my "I can't wait to start cleaning and organizing and tightening up the routine around here. The chasm in between creates a lovely funk that reminds me of the seasonal depression that hits me mid January. Except with sunshine.

And the shoe? The Boss went to a town hall meeting with our Senator Arlen Specter. And wanted to throw a shoe. Heee heeee. Yeah, I can see how someone would feel satisfied throwing a shoe. I can't see prison for it, but we PA'ers can identify with the urge.

Sue said...

One thing I always try to keep in mind during an unpleasant phase is that it is temporary...thank goodness. This too shall pass. : )

Kayce said...

Yup the terrible twos will pass before you know it! It's a bit of a tragedy when going through it, but when it's done it's done! Jacob was an angel at two but when he hit three it was um...awful! You'll make it though! I promise!

Christy said...

Oh I must sooooo give you major "welcome to the friggin club" I will tell you that Mia is so right there in the middle of it and she is going to be 3 at the end of october. She is absolutly exhausting in that she is happy one moment and then she has one little small thing go bad adn she FREAKES out!! She is just a pain right now and love her to death but oh do I want to drop her on the street corner adn come back later. She is in the challenging stage right now and all I can say is "welcome to the friggin club" and that at least for the next year, it may be about the same or in our case, it has gotten worse-- whining-- oh please dont get me started. But luckily, you seem much like me in that you dont tolerate it much-- I let her freak and totally ignore her. That is the best way to handle these little monsters at this time.

Good luck my dear!

Christy :)

blissfully caffeinated said...

I hate January too! It's my least favorite month.

I've always enjoyed my kids at two. It's three when they get really difficult. :)