January 10, 2012

Nothing Unhealthy–Days 9 & 10

Admit it – you thought I fell off the back of the non-fat choo-choo, didn’t you?  Well, I figured I deserved a break somewhere – and if it can’t be with an ice-cold coke (drooooool) then it might as well be here. 

I’ll do a brief Menu re-cap:

Day 9 – Menu

Breakfast: 1 cup of Life cereal

Lunch: Turkey sandwich, much like the ones I’ve already posted about, with a few strawberries

PM Snack:  Wheat Thins with Hummus dip, half cup pineapple chunks (fresh)

Dinner:  AB made a delicious salmon with a garlic avocado side, fresh steamed green beans, and lime-cilantro rice.  I can’t even tell you how delicious it all was…


Day 10 – Menu

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs on whole grain bread with just a dab of mayo. 

Lunch: Chicken Fresco Burrito from Taco Bell.  Yes, I know I broke my own rule with fast-food – but I will break it for Taco Bell because I really appreciate their low-fat/low-cal Fresco menu

PM Snack: Cheeze-its.  Sooo good.

Dinner: Carnitas Tacos made by the amazing Chef Boy.  I seriously don’t know how he does it – but I might be able to name on one hand the number of meals in 12 years that have not turned out fantastic.  It’s uncanny!  This was his first pass at carnitas and can I just tell you?  OMG.  He slow cooked them all day and the house smelled like heaven.  I added a very light layer of sour cream, a layer of guacamole, a small amount of his lime-cilantro rice, red onion, and some fresh chopped cilantro leaves and fresh cut pineapple.  Oh people…it was so delicious.  I had two.  No help for it.  I loved every. single. bite. 


All in all – our morale is pretty decent around here.  I think we’re doing well.  Don’t get me wrong, we are craving juicy burgers and crispy fries in a BIG BAD HORRIBLE WAY.   But we keep hanging on.  I’m proud of that.  I’m also proud of the fact that we have made some amazing meals (low in fat and calories) – rather than our usual “whatever” recipes.  We’ve also reduced our portion sizes by half.  Yes, by half.  So whatever you see in the pics?  Yeah, that’s NOT the normal portion.  Not even close.  Haven’t had a coke in ten days and proud of it.  I’ve done three of the four Couch 2 5K exercises, and only missed due my Saturday workout due to my foot injury. 

It’s tempting to lose heart.  I haven’t lost a single solitary pound after over a week of smaller portions, three heavy cardio routines of running/walking, low-fat/low-cal recipes, more sleep, and no soda.  Not a pound.  I had the injury to my right foot that I talked about last time, and this morning I woke up to injury #2 – a very, very swollen and sore left knee.  I’ve been icing it, but it’s no beuno.   All of this could get me down EXCEPT: friends, this isn’t about the fast track competition to losing weight.  Keep on remembering that it’s ONLY ABOUT making healthier choices for 31 days.  (and beyond if you can!)  It’s not about losing pounds – but I have to remind myself of that daily.  It’s not about eating every. single. day. perfectly in line with the food pyramid – though, Lord knows I keep trying.  It’s not about working out three days a week or five, or whatever.  It’s about healthier choices all around.  Sleep more.  Eat less.  Pay attention to what you put down your gullet.  Get outside and move.  Ditch the soda/beer/juice.  Learn new recipes that are good for you and your heart and your mind and your vital organs.  Find ways to moderate your portions.  All of this combined to help you spend a month learning about how to take better care of yourself.  That’s what it’s about at the end of the day. 

And for heaven’s sake – don’t beat yourself up if you have a stinkin’ piece of chocolate. 

The Mustache Mafia will do it for you…



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Anonymous said...

I seriously need a chef in the house ... I'd even take a semi-good cook! Glad you're still doing well ... after a bit of a hump, I am doing better!