January 18, 2012

Nothing Unhealthy–Days 16, 17 & 18

Yes, three days is much easier to manage.  Although, I’m not writing down what I eat so I can't remember it when it comes time to post. 

I’ll just say it upfront.  I’m not particularly proud of my food choices this week, and I have missed another workout.  That’s two total for the month, but in the Couch 2 5K, it makes a difference.  UGH!  At least I can tell you my veins are STILL absent any soda.  EXCEPT the fact that Anton and I are still recovering from the devil drink which is Zevia.  Zero calories.  No sugar.  Before you get excited to rush right out and buy it…

I’m sorry.  What the frig?!?  I tried this based on a few recommendations.  Ummm.  If you haven’t tried this, let me spare you the absolute vomitinyourmouth experience.  I’m sorry – no nice way to say it – this stuff is the anti-christ of Coke.  It is absolutely TERRIBLE!  It’s hard to swallow even one lousy sip.  And I even gave it three sips.  No.  No can do.  DIS-GUST-ING.  Save your $25.00.  Or whatever.  It was way too expensive to be this terrible…I can’t believe I defiled my Coca-Cola mug with it…oh despair!


Monday’s Menu

Breakfast: Ok, so Anton and I each had an Egg McMuffin.  I’m one-part mad we ate the fast-food route and one-part grateful, because it was so delicious.  We checked out the calories, etc. first and decided to go ahead.  It was like 400 calories.  OK, not great, but if you only had 400 calories at each meal – you’d be on a 1200 calorie a day diet – and that’s not a lot.  This is how I justify.  Do you see my pattern?  Shameful. 

Lunch:  It gets worse.  I met a friend for lunch at my home-away-from-home hangout Chipotle and had a burrito bowl.  Couldn’t quite finish it, and did have a few chips and guac with it.  Water.  In case you were wondering…

Dinner:   Anton made the absolute most delicious and healthy and amazing lentil soup with chicken.  It was so good…I wish you had smell-o-vision.  The best part for me, is that he had never worked with lentils in his life – and had never made the soup before.  People, every bite down to the last one was fabulous.  It was flavorful, had a spicy kick, and left you feeling like you could eat and eat and eat it.  I settled for one serving, but it was sooooo tempting!  If you need the recipe, hit me up!  In the background is my flatbread which I dipped generously into my bowl.


Tuesday’s Menu

Breakfast: 1 cup granola with milk

Lunch: Turkey & Cheese Sandwich with a pickle

Afternoon Snack: Popcorn.  Not the diet/light/lowfat/healthy kind.  The other kind.  Ahem.

Dinner: Carnitas tacos, which I’ll grace you with another picture of!  Love me some taco night!


Wednesday’s Menu

Breakfast: Egg & Cheese Burrito.  I just whipped up some scrambled eggs and threw a small amount of cheese on it, rolled it up and it was delish.  Skinny Mocha from Starbucks. 

Lunch:  Pass.  I was still full from the egg burrito. (why is this highlighted and why can't I get it to go away?  frig!)

PM Snack: Almonds and beef jerkey.  Just a small amount.

Dinner:  Well, it was a celebration dinner (see below) spent at Red Lobster.  I'll spare you the gory details of my splurge, but it went like, sorta..fried-ish and alfredo-ish...and theiramazingrollsomg.  I only had one.  Roll.  But the Captain's Shrimp?  I had more than one.  This is me being honest.  Ish.  I'm just glad I didn't order the Coke I so DESPERATELY wanted, like a freaking addict, tap a vein, freak that I am.

On a much happier and more important note: I’d be remiss to not mention that two years ago today we were far away from home, having these moments:


To say that we have been blessed by our Keira Joy is such an understatement of the heart.  She is an amazing, beautiful inside and out, wonderful daughter who we are so fortunate to know and love.  What an amazing two years it has been….


Teresa said...

your doing awesome... Im sad I gave up but happy you are still going strong at least in being accountable

Wendy in OH said...

Ah Christy, you always make me laugh. Just cutting out the Coke is HUGE in the scheme of things, keep up the good work!!

liasmomma said...

So sorry you didn't like it - we really do over here but maybe we're just not used to drinking the real stuff so much so that's why? Oh well :-(


Christie said...

Ahhh Trish - no worries! Actually, we bought it based on the recommendation of a friend of ours, but several people mentioned it to us. I think maybe it tastes soooo much like Diet to me, that I just can't get my tastebuds around it. Eek!!

Brandi said...

You're doing good. Keep at it! And Happy Family Day #2!