January 29, 2012

Nothing Unhealthy–Days 24 through 28

This is the longest I’ve gone without a foodie update.  I’m here to let you know – I did not give up, I have not fallen off the wagon, and I have not gained back any weight I may or many not have lost.  Quite the contrary – I’m going strong!

I’m here to just give you the basics today, because AB has been out of town for three days and that’s all I have the bandwidth for.  Ya feel me?  People with small children?  Yeah.  So not a lot of great pics of amazing food, not a lot of recipes, and not a lot of energy to hardly remember what I ate.  Thank goodness I had the sense to write it down…

Daily Menus

Tuesday, 24th

Breakfast: 1 cup of Special K cereal – never had it before in my life until the challenge.  Not bad…

Lunch:  1 cup of cilantro lime rice – homemade, and two skinless chicken strips that I grilled up

Dinner: Anton made one of my absolute favorite dishes:  Bright Chicken.  It’s a crème fresh that he makes from scratch, lemon, fresh ground pepper, onion, and chicken chunks – served over a bed of pasta.  This version was low in fat, using Greek yogurt and we added in capers for a salty kick.  We also used whole wheat pasta.  Can I tell you something?  A-MAZ-ING.  Absolutely delicious and it was PAINFUL not to have seconds.  Instead I settled for one serving, which despite the close-up pic, was quite small.  Broke my little over-eating heart…


Wednesday, 25th

Breakfast: Coffee and a piece of toast with yogurt spread (which is like a butter, buts it’s yogurt and much better for you)

Lunch: Scrambled some eggs, threw a tiny bit of shredded cheese on top and added a slice of ham – threw it all on a 7-grain sandwich thin.  It was quite tasty!

Dinner: Small (as in tiny) side of Caesar salad and pasta salad at an event.  Bean burrito and taco later than evening.

Thursday, 26th

Breakfast: Three small pancakes (about 3 inches across), yogurt spread, fresh strawberries, organic maple syrup (about a tbs.)  Can I just say – I am a Mrs. Butterworths girl.  This organic maple syrup has been an adjustment for me, but it is nice.

Lunch: Turkey sandwich, carrots dipped in hummus, half an avocado

Dinner: Sushi date night with the hubby.  Probably had too much, but it was delicious just the same!

PM Snack:  II had some M&M’s.  Not a lot, but a small handful.

Friday, 27th

Breakfast: Special K cereal and a cup of coffee

Lunch: Ham & Low-fat cheese on 7 grain, orange, carrots

Dinner: Went to a girls game night – and had GLORIOUS low-fat/low-cal food.  Green chicken enchiladas with non-fat sour cream and non-fat cheese.  Lime rice.  Avocado, tomato, and mozzarella salad – delicious!  Then there was one small luxury – Sopapilla Cheesecake.  Friends?  It was TO DIE FOR.  I am just hoping it had low-fat cream cheese in it – I was afraid to ask!  EEEEK!  Also got a little to friendly with the apps – bacon wrapped dates, dark chocolate covered almonds, gummy bears.  But to be fair, I had three almonds and 1 gummy bear – which I’m telling myself made up for the 3 wrapped dates.  Cough. 

Saturday, 28th

Breakfast: Grapefruit while my son and daughter enjoyed this massive chocolate chip pancake funny face:

Don’t tell me that doesn’t take willpower.

Lunch: Grilled ham and cheese on 7 grain, using low-fat provolone

Dinner: Spaghetti with organic low-cal marinara that was actually delicious!  My kids cleaned their bowls!

****We have two more days in this challenge – make them COUNT!

For those of you with Netflix or other means, I encourage you to watch the documentary “Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead”.  It was well made, a fabulous learning experience for me, and very inspiring and encouraging.  Perhaps even something I think I might like to try.  I’d be curious to hear your thoughts!

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