January 13, 2012

Nothing Unhealthy (ish)–Days 11-12

31 Days of Nothing {Unhealthy}
This two days at a time posting is easier and harder.  Easier on me because my days are so packed with to-do’s, but harder because I kind of can’t remember what I ate the day before.  Amazing how fast we don’t commit that kind of detail to memory.  Don’t worry – I’ve got it all below.  But no real pics…my bad!

I’m happy to report that under severe duress (of my own making) I have gone 12 days without a Coke or soda, AND, I have completed all but one of my Couch 2 5K workouts!  Now, mind you – on my last workout Wednesday, I had to walk rather than run due to the whole “my knee is a cantaloupe” thing.  But I power walked and it was good stuff!  I do admit to feeling very empowered and good about myself when I work out.  That’s been a really nice benefit for sure.  On the other hand, the injuries I keep accruing are starting to get in the way – ugh!

And while we’re having this little chat – I would like to tell you that I am thoroughly frustrated with the challenge, still having no results in the weight department.  I have had many moments where I wasn’t sure the whole point…then I have to go back and re-read my own posts and try to remember…UGH. 

Not having a Coke has hit me very hard.  Oh so hard.  Much too hard.  I’m ready to cave on that part alone about ten times a day.

The hamburger and fry situation has gotten increasingly annoying for both AB and myself.  Please don’t bother encouraging us in the turkey burger/tofu burger direction with “baked” fries.  I recognize this is the healthier choice for such a craving, but it’s not happening.  Kind of an all or nothing.  At the moment, we’re keeping it to “nothing”, but man…

Today I’m off to Run/Walk my next Couch 2 5K set, and wish me luck – it’s freezing out there!!  Brrrr!

Daily Menus:


Breakfast:  The kids and I were running a bit late.  I had been day-dreaming for a week about a mocha and so it wasn’t hard to just make the leap.  The kids ate quickly and as we dropped Mister Q off to school  for the day, I ran through the Star-B’s drive-through.  I inquired if they were still offering their low-fat Blueberry Muffins.  The sad reply was “no”, so I ordered a low-fat, no whipped cream mocha (small).  When I got to the window, the gal handed me a bag and said “we want you to try our Low-Fat Berry Coffee Cake – on the house!  That way you might have something new to like in place in the muffin!”  So nice!!  And here I am to tell you that it was quite delicious and very light.  What a lovely treat! (that I can not afford physically to have more than once in a while – light or not)

Lunch:  Left-over homemade marinara – but I only had about a cup of cooked noodles.  That was it!

PM Snack:  3 pretzel rods (which I broke into 6 to fool myself into thinking I was getting more) with 2 tbls of Low-fat Garlic cream-cheese spread.  Yum.  1/2 cup fresh cut pineapple.

Dinner:  Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later – but I’m proud of us.  We went to our favorite Chinese Buffet.  It was a late night, and we really didn’t have the time to cook a full-on meal.  So off we went, and I can honestly tell you that Anton and I were SO GOOD!  We didn’t eat anything fried or covered in sauces, etc.  I stuck with sushi pieces – mostly raw fish on rice and a couple pieces of California type rolls.  AB stuck with fresh oysters, peel & eat shrimp, and sushi.  We both had a cup of soup.  No dessert! 

Breakfast: 1 cup of cereal – Life

Lunch:  A California roll, cup of miso soup, and a small salad with ginger dressing.  Oh!  And four pieces of Mackarel sashimi.  Soooo delish! Probably ate too much, but it was so good and I was on a special date with my little guy.

PM Snack: 1 cup popcorn

Dinner:  Kind of skipped it, and then AB and I decided to do a light “meat and cheese” snack.  We had some avocado, some prosciutto, some butterkaas. It was so good.  Now I wish I had taken a picture.

Now I'm re-reading the food listed above and getting a bird's-eye view into why I haven't lost any weight.  UGGGGH!  

Don’t forget to check in on all our friends taking the challenge and blogging about it (or supposed to be blogging about it!)



Nancy said...

Hey Christie! I'm enjoying your updates. Ok, I know you said not to try to convince you to do a veggie or turkey burger, BUT....I LOVE turkey burgers! They have a good ones at many restaurants around here. At home, I buy ground turkey and mix it in with ground beef in all my beef recipes (meatloaf, hamburgers, casseroles, etc.) My husband isn't wild about ground turkey by itself but doesn't complain if I mix it in with beef. Did you ever eat at Islands in California? They have the BEST veggie burger ever! And I'm not even really that into veggie burgers, but theirs was so good. (Ok, I will slink away now).

Sis said...

as always, Love your words, your honesty. I thank you for letting us glimpse into who you are and your journey. It has made me pause and think. I have decided to make a few changes myself. Thanks for all you do..


Young Creations said...

Hey Friend,
I am so super proud of you for keeping up with the challenge. You are a rock star. I have been struggling big time. Keep on keeping on!!!!!!!!!

Kim said...

I think you are doing wonderful.. on the Coke thing.. well it has been 5 months for me and I am telling you when I see a Dt Mt Dew .. I want to drink it.. you will always... I enjoyed my soda and it was a part of me.. but it does your body good.. Love ya..