January 23, 2012

Nothing Unhealthy–Days 22 & 23…and Courage from SuperGirl

Several people have asked me if I plan on drinking Coke after the challenge. Sigh. This is such a tough issue for me. It shouldn’t be, but it stinkin’ is. I hate that it is. I have wanted to have a Coke every. single. day of this challenge. It has been the one thing I have been feeling lost without. The irony is that I only drink one or two cans a day. One for lunch, one for dinner. That’s my max, pretty much. Still – it’s been like cutting off an arm to part with it. Even after the headaches stopped, I’ve continued to deal with the emotional withdrawal. The comfort withdrawal. I avoid certain meals wherein my Coke would have, in my mind, made it taste better. It’s a sickness, people, but I for one really – really – really don’t want pizza without a coke. I’m just sayin’. Who needs stupid pizza anyway? (I do) It’s usually loaded with fat and calories (sob) and it’s heavy on…cheese and meat and cheese….did I say cheese? (oh somebody stop me)

The thing is, I’m a little scared. 

Sure, I had my back-sliding moments in this challenge – where a sprite ended up in my cup, or a little too much mayo crept onto my turkey sandwich.  Where Taco Bell bags ended up in my car, or Egg McMuffin’s ended up down my gullet.  Sure.  But overall – I’m really proud of myself.  For all of it.  The working out, the eating better, the smaller portions, the lack of soda.  All of it.  For the first time in over 8 years, I’ve stuck to something that involved my health and diet for a month.  Ok, the month is not over – but 23 days in and going strong.  I’m really proud of myself.

Which brings me back to being scared. Because there is a part of me, just like with the 30 Days of Nothing (No Spending) Challenge in September – that wants to run right out on February 1st and hit the first burger joint I can find.  People, I want to cram that burger and fries in (don’t forget the ranch and mayo and whatever else you want to throw in there) and wash it down with the largest glass of ice-cold Coke that I can possibly find.  I want to revisit gluttony in a way that only Paula Dean can relate to.  (too soon?) 

And that kinda freaks me out.  Because, I don’t know about you, but I think we did something really good here this month.  I think we gained control, improved our health, began a process of recognition, and got educated about what we’ve come to accept as “normal” eating.  That’s a lot.  A heck of a lot more than last month.  Or the month before that.  Or the year before that.  I think we worked hard and got results.  I would hate to see all of that dissipate.  All that hard effort, washed down with a Coke and a plate of Deep Fried Chicken. 

I’m a big believer in moderation.  I can’t just give it all up, overnight and never have another bite again.  Deprivation and I just don’t get along.  Some people can only operate on all or nothing.  I’m just not able to.  My love affair with food is much too strong.  Still, I think having culinary rewards once in a while can be just the trick to keep me going.  I’m no expert and I might be way off, but everything in moderation seems to be a great standard.  I just think I’ve lost touch with what moderation actually looks like in every day life.  

The bottom line of this ramble is that more than I have been loathe to part with Coke, fried food, sweets, and large portions – I have felt better, slept better, had more energy, seen pounds slide off, actually RAN when no one was chasing me, and been able to get creative with my food choices.  I’m starting to realize that it’s not so much that “health food” or “Low-fat” food tastes so amazing – although, so much of it has.  That’s not what keeps people on the path to better overall health.  No, it’s the way eating healthier and exercising makes you FEEL.  That is why I think people stay committed to making it a lifestyle. 

As for me, I would be really sad if all this was down the drain come Feb. 1 – what a waste!  So, with one week left in this challenge, I wanted to tell you all that I plan to (gulp) continue

And yes, I plan to leave Coke behind, one day at a time.  That’s all I can do.  One day at a time.  For the withdrawal factor alone – it would be horrendous to give it up again.

For the rest of you, as we near the end of this month’s challenge - I hope you will continue also.  It’s not been easy, not at all – but the rewards have been so great.  So much better than the status quo.

And if you’re really not feeling it…or If you’re not feeling courageous enough, well then we’ve got you covered – because Super-Girl is here to motivate you! (if this doesn’t work, you might be dead???)


For those that even care anymore what the heck I’m eating…I certainly don’t!

Sunday – 22nd – bad eating day….
Breakfast: Coffee only – ran out of time and had to be at church early.

Lunch: Dickey’s BBQ.  I did good, I think.  A little bit of shaved turkey and ham, and one sparerib.  Outside of that I had green-beans and fruit. 

Dinner: Chipotle.  What?

Monday – 23rd
Breakfast: One piece of homemade French Toast, with one tbs. of organic maple syrup on the side to dip in and no butter.  It was actually very tasty and no, I didn’t even finish my syrup.  Also had a cup of coffee.

Lunch: Turkey sandwich on 7 grain round, thin, sandwich thingy.  I don’t know what they’re called.  But their thin, half the calories, and very tasty…

Dinner:  We actually celebrated Chinese New Year at our favorite China Buffet.  So I did have a little more than I maybe should have.  Mostly Sushi – but I did sample some other items too.  I let it go. 

***Wondering if six smaller meals is better for you than three larger meals?  Check this article out:  I was surprised!


Ms. Pollywog said...

You're doing awesome!!! So inspired by you!

Kim said...

I think you are amazing.. and I know how it feels to be in this situation.. I ALWAYS want a dt mt dew.. I can taste it still.. BUT I think of what it did to me after I stopped.. that is way bad for your body... and as for going out and eating whatever... for one.. don't deprive yourself because then you will want to eat it all the time.. you can have something icky once in awhile.. but be ready .. your body will react... I eat somethings and pay for it everytime..
LOVE YOU and you will feel better in the end.. And my niece and nephew make me smile like no other.. TOOOO CUTE...