January 16, 2012

Nothing Unhealthy - Day 13, 14, and 15 {a little break}

Sorry! I needed a posting break. I just can’t do it every day. It’s too much on an already burdened schedule of to-do’s. You understand, right? So I’m sorry in advance that this post isn’t full of inspiration and ideas! Maybe next time? Probably not then either. Who am I kidding? It’s the heart’s intent that counts, right? (Don’t answer that…)
Mini update: ***3 pounds down and no coke for 15 days***
I can see how with a challenge like this one, we’re bound to have some casualties. It’s a TOUGH challenge, and so I’m bummed to hear we’ve already lost some challengers. Boo hoo! On the other hand, I have heard from many of you who are still working hard and plugging along. Can I encourage you? If you fall off the wagon (as I have already done a couple times) let’s do as our great lyricist Dorothy Fields tells us:
Nothing's impossible I have found,
For when my chin is on the ground,
I pick myself up,
Dust myself off,
Start All over again.
Don't lose your confidence if you slip,
Be grateful for a pleasant trip,
And pick yourself up,
Dust yourself off,
Start all over again.
Work like a soul inspired,
Till the battle of the day is won.
You may be sick and tired,
But you'll be a man, my son!
Will you remember the famous men,
Who had to fall to rise again?
So take a deep breath,
Pick yourself up,
Dust yourself off,
Start all over again.
Day 13 Menu
Breakfast: Nada. No time to say hello/goodbye. Had a coffee, though!
Lunch: Awesome chicken taco with all kinds of yum on it. Salsa, cilantro, guac, tomatoes…YUM.
Dinner: Bean Burrito, Crunchy Taco. Technically not “healthy” – but I can think of a lot of unhealthy things that I wanted to have. Ahem.
Day 14 Menu
Breakfast: 1/4 cup yogurt with granola and half of a half of an English Muffin with lox
Lunch: Turkey Sandwich on Focaccia with an apple
Dinner: Turkey Burger with about 5 french fries. The turkey burger was no bueno.
That is to say, it was good if you open your mouth to take a bite of burger and taste turkey instead and have a pleasant reaction.
But if you open your mouth and hope against hope to taste beef or some form of beefiness and still taste turkey burger?
Well, in that way it was horrible. You follow me?
Day 15 Menu
Breakfast: Can I just explain? Let me explain… You see…I had made it two weeks. I had done really well. I had fasted from Coke for 15 days. I hadn’t missed working out but once.
Two donuts. There I said it. I’ll leave it there. No pictures that might cause you to stumble. You’re welcome.
Lunch: Wonderful, amazing, delicious lunch of Salmon Steak, multi-grain rice, and fresh steamed broccoli.
Dinner: 6 oz petite sirloin grilled, small side of rice, and corn on the cob from Chili’s. Woot! Go Guiltless Grill Menu!
Even though this challenge has been so hard in so many ways – I can’t lie and say that it hasn’t been rewarding as well. There is a great sense of accomplishment every time I complete a workout – or get through a meal thinking “that actually wasn’t bad…it was maybe even…delicious!”.  I can’t speak to where you might be in the challenge – but I can tell you that finding strength to say “no, I’m not doing it my way anymore because my way doesn’t work” has been very empowering. 
And to that I can only add that if you’re able – STICK IT OUT! Self-discipline has got to be the hardest thing, but it can be done. And by discipline, I of course am not referencing the 2 donuts I had for breakfast. No. Forget about that. Water under the bridge. Instead I keep reminding myself that change is a process. And change takes time. One day at a time. One meal at a time. One workout at a time. Mistakes, well that’s just life. But tenacity? That makes all the difference.
Don't lose your confidence if you slip
Be grateful for a pleasant trip
And pick yourself up
Dust yourself off, Start all over again.


Young Creations said...

I need an AB to cook me up some of that yummy food. It looks delicious. Keep on keeping on

Jodee said...

Way to go! You are doing fabulous! I have lost almost two pounds and am on day 8 without a Diet Dew! So far, so good!

Anonymous said...

You're doing well ... keep on going!!

Nancy said...

Sorry about the turkey burger..:( I feel responsible.

Jenn said...

Still in it with ya! Down 6.5 pounds and missing me some Coke and Chipotle in a bad way...:( In some ways I can hardly recognize myself-just scrolled through your photos and thought to myself. Man! I need to go steam some broccoli!!! Who have I become???!!!

Anna said...

Yay for no Coke! I'm up 2 lbs. I'm calling it muscle gain. You are doing great! Keep it up!