January 6, 2012

Nothing Unhealthy–Day 5

Well, I’m not sure I want to be quoted as having said this, but it seems to be getting a little bit easier.  Not in every way, but in food ways – easier.  Helps to have AB because he’s participating and has good ideas for healthy dinners.

Moving along and keeping it short and sweet today:

Today’s Menu:

Breakfast:  Good Lord, I had this Kashi cereal.  Flax, honey something or other.  Ummm. 
Once I let go of it tasting like cardboard…it got slightly better.  Only slightly.

Lunch: Turkey sandwich with tomato, avocado, and light mayo. 


Have you tried this mayo with EVOO?  


It was really tasty and has half the fat of regular mayo.  Also had a few strawberries.  I was full, but noticed how strong the urge for something sweet to drink was (enter my coke that I was missing) and how much I wanted something crunchy (enter my pringles here that I was missing).  I wasn’t even hungry, I just wanted them because my mind is totally trained to want them.  Scary!

PM Snack:  Popcorn, and it was not low-fat/fat-free/cardboard whatever.  It was the microwave deal with butter and salt.  I did only make one bag (if you don’t count the first one I burned and threw in the trash) and I did share generously with both of my kids. 

Dinner:  Anton made Tuna fillets and we had a wonderful salad.  Now, we love sushi, so this pic make gross you out or make you hungry.  There is no way I would have this tuna cooked any more than rare.  That would be totally wrecking it for me – so in my book – this was perfectly, perfectly cooked.  And it tasted amazing!  Anton made a homemade dressing out of low-cal mayo and yogurt, soy sauce, honey, jalapeno…I can’t even remember what else.  Only that it was so tasty.  I could eaten way more, but as you can see – my plate was full!


Dessert: one piece of Dove dark chocolate.  Like one piece.  Not one candy bar.  Just one little piece.  Mmmmm.

I have yet to break my Coke fast.  I’m sad in some ways – because clearly it was like a little slice of heaven drug for me.  In other ways, I’m even sadder glad.  I don’t think I can list one health benefit of being a soda junkie.  Not one.  Sigh.  Would that it were not true…

Meanwhile, I made it to our local market today – the healthy one.  The one I had been to all of twice in my life.  And I did good and got a decent load of healthy items. Please to observe:

Umm, those little bags over on the left are lentils, short-grain brown rice, and granola.  Have no idea how to make them, or what to eat with them, but that's AB's department and he's a pro!  The meats are ground turkey, tuna fillet, and sliced turkey breast.  Lots of veggies, fruit, some Hummus, yogurt, and even some fat-free creamer.  Lord, help me!

That’s all for today folks – I’ve got a busy day today and I’m nervous about a brunch I’m attending.  Gotta keep it light.  Gulp.  Not to mention, day 2 of Couch 2 5K and I’m hurting in the shins.  Need some better shoes if I’m actually going to do this whole running thing.  Think I’ve got the IPOD squared away this time, and even created a running playlist.   Now if I could only find my motivation…I’m sure I left it here somewhere….or not.


Anna said...

Woo Hoo! You go, Girl! You are rockin'!

Teachn18 said...

Awesome job Christie!

I can honestly report that yesterday was much better on the eating front. Stayed within points, lots of veggies, lean protein, and no soda.

Day 3 of C25k is today and to say I am not looking forward is an absolute understatement. To think that I've always wanted to be a "runner" (that was before I hit the dreaded 200+ mark)....holy cow, did I really just share that???? Oh well, I'm owning it and knowing this challenge is the start to
great things. Thanks again for challenging me!!!

Jodee said...

Wow! Way to go! I am sooo proud of you!

The hubs and I are going to MX in March and I desperately need to get some weight off. The first thing I am giving up is Diet Dew. Boo hoo! What are you drinking instead? Crystal Light or just water?!