December 27, 2010

Loving La Cabin Life


Only 24-hours in and we’re soaking up the comfort of a roaring fire alternating with brisk walks to explore the beauty all around us.  Hot coffee and homemade bread, with being bundled up in all our gloves and winter garb to take in the outdoors.  I have to say, the children are truly as happy as I’ve ever seen them.  There is a tangible level of peace and comfort here that they just seem to soak up.  Being around family, enjoying the cocoon that being together 24-7 provides us, and having lots of time and attention to love on each other.  What else could compare?

Among the many firsts this year has provided, we mourned the loss of my sweet kitty, Chloe – after seventeen years together.  To say she is missed – well, that’s clearly an understatement.  We lost Kaleigh in April and Chloe in December.  Still, our sweet and faithful Anabelle is our ever constant and a tremendous source of comfort amongst the loss.  So, in the spirit of togetherness, we made the decision to bring her along on this trip – a very rare treat indeed.  What a wonderful choice!  She is soaking up her surroundings with great joy. 

Today is a day for laughing, exploring, and yes – eating some great food.  (truly, is there anything better than good food?  I think not.)

“Excerpts” from our long walk this morning – ammmmaaaazzzzinggggg!!

 IMG_9396 IMG_9414

IMG_9424 IMG_9435  IMG_9469


Ashley said...

Looks fabulous! Enjoy!!

Erin said...

It looks so wonderful! I'm so glad you are enjoying herself and Kayleigh looks like she is in HEAVEN! Happy holidays, my friend!

Valerie said...

WOW - I am leaving now, should be there in about 7 hours.

Not literally, but it looks wonderful.

Enjoy your time together, you deserve it!

Love V