December 23, 2010


I’ve been spending a lot of time highlighting Mr. Q on here – and I’m not sure how that happened.  Maybe because the princess – aka, the dreamboat baby – aka, the blessing – aka the most wonderful little girl EVAH’…well she’s so busy being adorable that I guess I’m cathartically writing about what seems to come to the surface when I can finally sit down and put a sentence together.  And what comes to the surface seems to the be struggle.  And getting it out seems to help.

But there really aren’t enough good things I can say about Keira.  And that’s a whole big post unto itself.  And as we are fast approaching her 1-year mark with us (I know…take a minute and gasp…I just did! How did that happen?) I have many things rolling around that I’d like to say about that year.  Many things.  And that’s going to be a cathartic piece as well.
In the meantime, here’s the bit you need to know.  She is a delightful, loving, friendly, sweet natured, adorable, and DELICIOUS child.  We are so upside down in love with her, there is no hope for us.  Call off the search party – because honey, we are never coming back from this kind of love.  It’s o-v-e-r for us.  That’s a glimpse.  And here’s the unique part – it didn’t happen over night.  It happened over an entire year.  And that was not what we expected, as you know.  For Quint it was instant love at first sight and never changed.  For Keira…well it has taken time and care and time and love and time and more time. 


She’s worth every. single. second of it!

Oh, and I must say…I’ve never – repeat thatnever – seen my husband so completely upside down, messed up in-love with a little girl, so hook-line-and-sinker for this little princess…he is wrecked, friends. 


So am I for that matter.  Utterly. 

And we’re oh-so-happy to be wrecked.  Life is so good with Missy Lou-Lou…and that was a long time coming.


Kim said...

Love it..
Keira is sooooo cute..
Love ya..
Merry Christmas..

Ashley said...

She is ADORABLE!!!

Single PAP said...

a year already?? no.. unbelievable! that outfit is so utterly adorable and they look so cute together! great pics

Kayce said...

She is adorable and we are some seriously lucky mommies!!!