December 30, 2009

When it's time to go...'re not ready.  No.  You're just not.

I think it's the law, or something?  Not sure. 

I would say that grand scale arrangements have been made.  No details.  Not really, anyway.  Just the bigger stuff worked out.

We've made arrangements for Quint to stay with his grandparents.  He'll be near his extended family and cousins, and after seeing him thrive around them this past week, it did my heart good to see just what he can expect for those two weeks we're in China.  He's certainly not going to be bored!

The animals are all set - we've arranged for a friends daughter to stay at the house and keep an eye on our place and our little four legged sweeties.

We've had huge success fund-raising, but we still have about $3000 to go.  And I KNOW WE CAN DO IT!  I know we can - we've come sooooo far!  If you're interested in helping, check out the adorable adoption T's we're selling HERE and/or click the DONATE button at the top right of this page to give to the Keira Fund.  We're SO close!  Send prayers!

Oh, and we booked our flights. Ahem.


See what I just did there?  I typed we. booked. our. flights.

We leave two weeks from today.'re not ready.  No.  You're just not.

but who couldn't get ready real quick for her?


Single PAP said...

OMG she's cute!!!!

S.Wise said...

OH MY GOSH!!!! You bought your tickets!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for you! If you need any advice on packing for Nanchang or ANYTHING just call me or email me. I totally have the scoop now! Love you and am so so happy for you to see what we saw and have your baby girl in your arms! Love, Steph

Debbie said...

just bought a t shirt ...

all the best,

hannah & lily's mom

Jill said...

OMGoodness! What a sweet smile! Makes me want to reach in the picture and scoop her up!!!

Hope you got our Christmas card! Been thinking of you!

Suz said...

What a sweetheart! I can't wait to follow your second journey, this time to your daughter! Have fun! China is far more amazing than anything I dreamed in the past four years! We are so excited for you guys and can't wait to finally see that sweet baby girl in your arms! Prayers for your preparations and safe travels!!

frogglet said...

oh you are SO CLOSE! I don't think you will ever be ready that is normal.

Dena said...

Keira's name fits her well, esp. the JOY part, it's in her eyes. I love looking at that picture, thinking about how she has no idea how much JOY she's already given to so many who are so excited for your family. While you are running around trying to get ready, get Quint ready, and trying not to freak out, she's just doin her idea that mommy and daddy are on their way! Gives me chills. Praying for those $3,000!

Ani said...

OMG - after all this waiting, it comes down to 2 weeks????? Praying for that last bit of fundraising to happen soon.

Eloise said...

Wow, wow, wow! Such exciting news and such DARLING pictures! It must do your heart so good to know that she is obviously so well-loved and cared for in her current situation. But that precious girl has NO IDEA what a treat awaits her when you pick her up and she meets her wonderful family!

Sending many love, prayers and warm thoughts your merry way. Love you, Christie! Such a happy new year this will be for you.

Kim said...

Sooo excited for you..
Love that photo..
Looks like she loves to wear hats..
can't wait to see her in Auntie Kim's..
Have fun packing..
Can't wait to follow..

blissfully caffeinated said...

I know this is the wrtong thing to say, but aren't you desperate to put her in some cute outfits? She is so freaking adorable!