January 2, 2010

So much to say, so little time...

Oh, it's true!  I have so much to share, and so many pictures I would love to post...and I'm out of time...and what if we can't talk from China?  I mean, what if the internet is lousy and we can't have our little "coffee time"?

I have like, I don't know - ten days or something left.  Gulp.

Ok, well let's do a brief pictorial of the last few weeks and I'll try and keep up til' we leave. 

Well first, let's just all confess that Kim is the best gift giver and she's so sweet to so many who she follows...she's just so positive and wonderful.  So my first gift received post-referral was from Kim and it was INCREDIBLE!  Look at this pic - which does not and cannot do it justice - but you can see how many goodies were in this package.  The tutu alone was enough to keel me over.  But the wings!  The hairclips...the ivory knit hat with the gorgeous flower on it?  Oh my dear heaven...look at those mini-bracelets, the wand....on and on!  I die!  Kim, mama hearts you big time!

It was a really nice way to be reminded that I'M HAVING A GIRL!!! 

Well, then again...we went for a fun play-date recently with Jodi and her two sweeties J & J - and I think Keira might like to know that her brother has a penchant for pretty.  Just sayin'...

Christmas was a hoot - because when you're 2, everything is either funny or it's not.  Well, for the most part - Quint found opening oodles of presents sent with love from his Grandparents to be ten kinds of fun.  Until he wanted to stop opening and start playing...and there we were hollering in the background of cameras rolling and clicking for him to do "just one more".  Note to self: 2 year olds are fine with wrapping paper.  Never mind what's inside.  Noted.

We did have a White Christmas, and I for one was SQUEALING with delight, as I ran from one window to the next checking for "stickage".  It did finally stick, and we had ourselves a good old-fashioned Texas winter wonderland(ish).  It was only a couple inches, but I was shouting hi-dee-ho just the same.  Observe:

Let's see, ah yes - we also had our 1st Annual Christmas Crafts at the kitchen table.  Play Doh was the biggest hit, although we did convince the little man to make a couple drawings of some sort.  He's into stickers, but we find he just pastes them one on top of the other and so on...building a stack of stickers on a single sheet of paper.  All in the same place.  So when we gave him the Doh, he proceeded to blend it all together into little nuggets.  Um hmmm.  Yes he did.  My little mister.  He's artsy like that.

We did have a great time in Arkansas post-Christmas, but that's a whole nother' post unto itself that I may or may never get to...however, I would love to post a few pics from the trip.  Keeping in mind that while at an old but quaint park, riding the teeter-totter was fun for me from the waist up.  The arse did not enjoy the tiny seat so much.  You know, in the spirit of honesty and such...just keepin' it real folks.

New Year's was a blast - we had a great time with friends and went to a really fun Back Door Comedy show - ringing in the New Year with a big kiss and a lot of hope for what's coming up for our little family!!!  Despite AB appearing to have had "one too many", we had had "none too many" and were just goofing around...for you, our viewers

Last but not least, we did take down Christmas decor today in an effort to get the house back to normal and start preparing to leave town.  We have this uh...trip we're taking.  You know, not a big deal or anything...just leaving town for a couple of weeks and uh...have to pack, prepare...you know...the basics...ahem...just a little trip where I'm going to need this stuff...


Pinch me.

Or buy a T-shirt...whichever...

We're still fund-raising with about $3K left to raise - spread the word if you can - we're SO CLOSE!  There's a DONATE button to the right and a Fund-raising Site HERE!!  (New post up)

Leaving on a jet plane in 13 and counting...(gigglesnifflesnortsigh)  Egad!


Jill said...

You guys must be over the moon!!! I can't wait to follow your journey! Hope you got our Christmas card!

Jodi said...

Chills I have- Keira's crib looks great filled with all of her clothes and such!
I was going to buy an outfit for Keira, but thought you might already have it. :) So instead I will go buy a few t-shirts from your fund raising!
"Jailyn - go get my purse!"

Kim said...

OMW...you are soooo busy..
Love all the photos.. sounds like you had a GREAT holiday ...
Love Keira's little coat and her new little knitted hat will go wonderful with it..
Get to packing girly.. you are on the trip of a lifetime..
Can't wait to see Keira in your arms.. then with her Big Brother..
Quint is going to be the BEST Big Brother...
Love ya..

Debbie said...

I'm so happy and excited for you!!!

Kristy said...

Christie I am so excited for you I just cant stand it!!!!! I cant believe how fast travel has come, I am sure it has not been fast for you but WOW I cant believe it is here. We leave thursday for our Europe trip and I cant wait!!!!! I am not taking my computer because I really want to just focus on the hubs, because I think I have really neglected thru the years ....you know he calls himself a Blog Widower!!! I will do my best to follow on his Iphone but if I am not leaving comments please know that all of you are on my mind, in my prayers and in my heart. God bless all of you.

Love and blessings, Kristy

Erin Sager said...

Congrats, congrats, she is beautiful

Unknown said...

OMG Keira is coming home..YOU are going to CHINA to get her...China, can you believe it? When you are on that final flight to China and you sit down, so many worries leave your mind..You are loved and prayed for and I for one am thankful for all of your encouragment in bringing my LynnMarie home