December 18, 2009

Cutests T's on the Planet

Calling all families who have been touched by adoption!!!

After the Rummage Sale, we knew we better keep working towards more solutions - thus coming up with ideas and moving on to our next fundraiser.  A friend (thank you Robyn) sent me some information about an adoption driven fundraiser that would really be fun to do and at the same time, offers an awesome product to the buyer.  I thought it was AWESOME and after applying to be added as a family, we were accepted!  Yaaay! 

Here's how it works:

1.  You click right HERE and visit our virtual store, where you will see the following 4 T-shirts listed.
2.  You'll select and click on the design/size shirt you want, and it will take you to checkout.
3.  You'll pay and check out, and your item will be shipped to you via the method you select.
4.  Our family will receive a percentage of all the proceeds earned.

IMPORTANT:  We will only receive credit if you purchase from our family page and from those four designs on our page.  If you leave and roam to the main page and select those four designs, or choose other designs, we will not receive credit for those purchases.  Not that you should limit yourself, but if you're going to purchase any of these four designs - please stay on our family page to do so, or our family won't receive the credit.

It's that simple!  Just another way for those that would like to help out - and feast your eyes on what you'll be looking super stylish in!  Come on - how can you resist?!?!?

T-Shirt #1 - Mama in Chinese (Chocolate /Pink)

T-Shirt #2 - Fatherhood (Brown/Blue)

T-Shirt #3 - Ethiopia "Adoption Rocks" (White)  (oh yeah - big shout out to my fellow Ethiopia mamas and papas!)

T-Shirt #4 - Blessed  (Pink/Chocolate)

Convinced?  Little sumpthin' for everyone, no?

Visit our store HERE and get you or someone you know (grandma?  sister?  husband?  wife?  grandpa?  aunt?  uncle?  cousin?  friend? - the possibilities are endless, eh?) a t-shirt that will open up all kinds of opportunities to share your/their own story with others as well as being super cute on you/them.

As always - we thank you deeply for your support and kindness!

Seriously it just me or are those adorable?!?!


OH!  And PLEASE feel free to pass this information along via blog, twitter, facebook, e-mail, phone call, snail mail, air-balloon, train, or any other method that will help sell lots of T-shirts!


P.S.  This post also up at Bringing Keira Home for extra exposure...oh la la!


Erin said...

Girl!!!!! I just ordered FIVE t-shirts! You know I'm a sucker for these kinds of shirts and these are awesome. I got me the Mama one and the Blessed one (um, hello? brown and pink - my signature colors!) and then I asked Bob if he wanted the Baba one and he answered a resounding "YES! I'm the Baba!" So, I had to get the Jie Jie one for Mollianne and the Mei Mei one for Meisey. Do you know if you will get a percentage of the ones not chosen by you? Anyway, LOVE this idea! And LOVE you!

Jodi said...

How timely!! I was going to purchase some of these the other day! So glad I waited! I will be putting my order in later today.
I love the "Blessed by adoption"!

The Gang's Momma! said...

My blog plea is going up today (Sunday). Hope it helps. Praying for you to have huge success through this venture! I have been hinting to The Boss all weekend about a couple of those shirts for Christmas. If he doesn't get the hint, I'll come back after Christmas and shop for myself. And maybe my girls :)

NiHao Nepal said...

Okay, love the shirts! Can I order on Jan. 15 and will you still get credit? Funds are all accounted for with this paycheck. Can you imagine a family thinking they can live on one teacher salary?? ;-)
Merry Christmas!