February 6, 2008

Well...wait...um....yeah...what's that now?

Sorry to be a slacker - but I'm overwhelmed this week and last. I'm underwhelmed - actually. I've got 100 different irons in the fire and I'm starting to sweat into my eyeballs - the kind where it burns - but your hands and full and you can't wipe it away.

I have lists for my lists right now. That is really annoying.

I have not been able to sleep properly for two weeks.

I have not been able to say "whew! got that done!" in 14 days because every time I finish anything - another task is added.

I will not have one single night this week - except Monday - that we will be at home together in the evening without company or having gone to someone else's home.

I have to get to Sunday and through it - if I can do that right now - I'll be in decent shape.

I don't like to plan parties. Period. I'm not good at it and my creative juices pretty much stop flowing after I've said "ok, I'll do it".

What is the dang combination for simple party punch? The kind that's red with like, ginger ale or seven up in it? Help me here people - the searches I've done have only yielded the most elaborate of punch recipes and I'm not going to all that trouble. I just want the punch that's red and tastes like Hawaiian punch with a fizz to it. Help me - for the love of God. How do I make that in bulk for like 200 people?

I don't like football - no secret over here. But I really liked the superbowl. We discourage perfection around here, and so it was nice to see the wild card take it.

I miss my mother.

I haven't scrapbooked, really scrapbooked in many, many months. But I have enough supplies to open a small store. Pathetic.

I have lists of household chores that are sitting, have been sitting, for months. I'm getting sick of staring at those unfinished projects and yet no time to do them. Grrrr.

I have yet to hear if my dossier has passed inspection and will go to Ethiopia - I'm starting to get annoyed over here.

Someone I care about very much had to say goodbye to us last weekend, and that hurt like getting stabbed in the heart. I am still reeling from that one. Can't even really be sure I've digested it fully. SH - you are missed. They made a mistake. Simple as that.

Anton is still snoring. I'm literally listening to it as I type this. Poor guy. It takes three months for the surgery to be totally effective. In fact, we were told it would get worse before it began to get better. Uh-huh. You can feel sorry for me now. The couch is my best friend. And it's not even that good of a friend... The blow-up mattress is also nice. Not really.

I have no clue how many of your posts I have missed / not commented on this week - but it is not for lack of trying. I do love you and your blog. I do love reading it. I've just totally maxed out my brain bandwidth. I have no more room for information to come in without something coming out and I can't afford to lose any details right now. Maybe next week, but not today.

I actually stopped all my chaos today for a half hour and made a cake. Like Betty-freaking-Crocker style with the really fattening frosting in the tub. Oh yeah. Yellow buttery cake with chocolate frosting. Wanted to lick the freaking pan clean - but had way too much work to do and couldn't afford a sugar induced coma. Settled for a nice small piece. Lame.

I plotted out my trips and travel this year - and it is a lot more than I thought it would be between work and family, and ohhh, you know - a little trip to Africa. I'm gonna be a world traveler by the end of the year. omg. That is so great.

There you have it...and I'm spent.


Robyn said...

There's a light at the end of the tunnel girl! Just keep swimmin'!! You have to get all your tasks accomplished soon because we have some major celebrating to do!!!
Love ya!!

Briana's Mom said...

Hang in there!

Punch recipe. I use one bottle of Hawaiian punch (a gallon), one large can of pinapple juice (I think it is a quart - not sure) and a liter of Sprite and mix it in a punch bowl. Super easy and it is yummy!

Gosh I haven't scrapbooked in months. *Sigh* Too hard with a little one around right now...

Anonymous said...

Love you , Baby.

We Gonna make it! I know it. The Ethiopia thing has been bothering me, too.

This tells you how busy we are, kids. I gotta communicate to my wife via her blog now ... *sigh*

Anonymous said...

... WITH my wife ... with her ... oops.

Kim said...

Sounds like you are REALLY busy..
Keep your chin up girly..
Hugs to you..
Happy Chinese New YEar...

Anonymous said...

Remember what Marlene told me...
"One day at a time!" That's how you get through it.
My punch I made was always just the Hawaiian punch and 7 up or Sprite (to taste) and I made punch ice cubes so it wouldn't water down the punch.
I miss you to sweetie, very much.
I love you.

obtw.....save me a piece of that cake!!

4D said...

Those are some great punch ideas!

Hope you get some quiet time soon.

Keep smilin!