February 22, 2008

Sweet Addictions

Can't even say enough drippingly good things about my favorites...but Lost...oh my - some people say you're either a Sawyer girl or a Jack girl. I'm a Kate - equal opportunity gal...sees the high level of potential in both. Ya feel me? I freaking love the twists and turns in this show. I will seriously be grieved when it's all over. Sob!

Oh my good lawd in heaven - I don't know if these parents are for real or not - (horror!) but I literally guzzle popcorn and soda down like I'm watchin a bad slasher movie when this is on. The parents on S.N. have got to display some of the worst parenting I have ever seen in my life. Then I tell AB "oh just wait - God is gonna get us sooooo good for laughing at these poor saps. And we've got two coming!". Uh-huh...just you wait 'enry iggins'....just you wait!

Ok, call me crazy but from Season - whatever 1 or 2 - I've been a fan of Survivor. And I can't stop watching - even thought it basically the same dang thing over and over again. Take a group of people who are all different. Throw in some radical ones to really toss the salad. Strand them on an island with nothing but their stupid bikinis and "buffs". Watch as they unravel and eat disgusting things and try to win money. I know. At least I admitted at the header that I'm addicted. Have mercy on my poor reality tv junkie addicted boob-tube-ness.

Oh, and sorry, but I love Jonathan P. He totally cracks me up and his sense of humor and witty refrains are right up my alley. I hope he wins. Or whatever.
O.M.G. Can I just say...LOVE THIS SHOW! And if you haven't seen it - good night peeps - get on the bandwagon. It's called Moonlight - Friday nights. LOVVVVE IT. Vampires meets CSI - and it's insanely well done. Blondie on the right is the only freaking human left in this little triangle and she's in love with the hunky bunky in the front - that would be the main character, Mick. Oh and he's like 90 years old. And a blood-sucker - but a good one. Do no harm type. Only kill the baddies. That sort of thing. Sooooo good. Check it out!

Peace out peepalicious'


Briana's Mom said...

I am a LOST fanatic! I LOVE that show! Personally, I am a Sawyer girl - LOL!

4D said...

I am not a Lost fan. But I love SP (know that I am going to end up one day on her show). I LOVE Survivor and Penner is a fave of mine!

Not seen Moonlight but I may check it out.

Keep smilin!

Dan, Misty & Ashar said...

I'm with you on the Lost. I LOVE IT - and on the Kate thing. We (our group of Lost junkies) call her the flipper. But I'm with you...I couldn't decide either. If you can't decide, have it all. That's gotta be right...right?? Great post!

Anonymous said...

OK, I'm Lost on an Island and I have two hunks tagging along after me, hmmmm.......how to decide......, who do I choose? Yep, I'm right there with you and Kate, Christie, I'm a "right in the middle of both of em" kinda girl! Why is Lost only an hour long show? It's like over in 10 minutes! Glad to know there are other reality TV junkies out there. Does it run in the family? Tune in.......
love you

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge LOST fan. And I love me some Sawyer. Well that is before he got whipped. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed?

Jonathan is hilarious. You just never know what is going to come out of his mouth.


Anonymous said...

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