February 21, 2008



Paul & Robyn: said...

First of all, why are you posting at 2:24AM?? I thought I was the only one up!!!

Second, waiting DOES suck, whether it's waiting for that picture or having the picture and waiting for travel!!

Love ya Girl!!!

Pug Mama said...

will be here Sunday to check out your 3 word!!!!!

3D said...

Me lady,

Thine words ring true. Our hearts grow malcontent from the wait and our backside grow weight from the wait.

Prithee...get thee to the mall!

Carry on grinning!

Leanne said...

Hey Im New To This.
So I Just Wanted To Say Hi And You Have A Nice Blog Here.
Keep It Up

Keep Smiling
Love Leanne

Elise said...

Totally stealing that image! Perfect post!

Andrew & Stephanie said...

I was soooo thinking the same thing today!

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...


Andrea said...