February 1, 2008

Politics Schmolitics

Or am I the only one?


Already tired of the nonsense and we've only just begun...

Duke it out guys! Go on! Let me know who wins...

And before the haters in the crowd throw me to the sharks - I am a registered voter and yes I do. It's not that I have no views or beliefs, or that I don't feel passionately one way or the other - it's that I hate camPAINS. And yes, I know that is spelled wrong. Jeesh. Work with me people.

I'm cranky tonight. No idea why. Maybe because the burger I had made me rumbly in the tumbly. Yes, I said what you think I just said. I'm also feeling snarky - so maybe I'm better off to not post this after all...

Nah....what would a blog be if you couldn't let it all hang out at least once in a while.

I watched Spanglish tonight and I liked it. But I didn't like the ending. Somebody please tell me how anyone could marry, let alone stay married to a woman like "Deborah". OMG. Everytime she opened her mouth, I wanted to throw my slipper at the TV.

Which brings me to another point. When you work from home, you wear slippers. No? Well, I do. My extremeties are always so friggin cold. I can't stand it. So, yeah - there I was in my slippers and jammies, freezing, and wanting to yank the left slipper off and hurl it. But it required effort to reach down, and then there was the holding of my breath to take it off and sit back up. Because that's what happens when your gut is in the way on said reach.

Speaking of being out of breath - or holding it - thought about how I really should be going to the gym. Seriously - like, thought to myself tonight during a rumbly session "I really should invest in a treadmill" - and then followed that with the standard "who needs a treadmill when they can walk around suburbia with the dog for free?" - and quickly followed that up with an "ahh, screw it - who needs suburbia with the dog, when both the dog and I are prefectly happy to sit here and watch Spanglish with our fast foodie burger and shake. But I digress...

Yeah, so politics just drive me nuts. We're going into a recession. We're hated by a bunch of countries who burn our flag in the streets, or whatever. We're a slumping economy in the middle of a bazillion dollar presidency camPAIN (did it again) and I'm just wondering if anyone thought to say "hey, we could use some of this bribe money for good?" But they won't. No worries. We'll be ushering in the next president during our nationwide depression/recession. Good times.

Peace out.

(I told you I was cranky - it's the IBS - what can I tell you?)


Headmeister said...

1. I'm with ya on the not feeling passionate about these two, but then again, I'm a registered Republican...lol.

2. I LOVED Spanglish!!!! I totally agree with you on the "how could you be married to that" idea, but sadly, I've known a few couples in my time who resembled these two!

3. I have the mac Daddy of treadmills that got moved out to the garage to make room for the Christmas tree. I haven't moved it back into the house yet because I love all the free space that now inhabits my living area because it's gone...lol. I say just keep holding your breath - it'll make you a better swimmer ;)

Peace out girl, have a great weekend :)

Andrea said...

Not so grumpy!! I agree with you about the politics! Doesn't seem like we have a great choice!! Wake me in November! I have a treadmill in the basement, and I still can't seem to get motivated to walk on the damn thing!

Lili said...

don't throw your slipper at me.....but exercise helps with stress and mood. Of course, you know that....Ok I am ducking now. :)

I work at home too (I am a medical transcriptionist) in the slippers. They are old and stained (and probably smelly).


Robyn said...

Sorry you were having a crappy day. Hope today was better for you!!

love ya!!

Dan, Misty & Ashar said...

Oh girlfriend, you make me smile:) I also love how you speak my mind...and I LIVE in slippers from October until June. Sometimes want to wear them out of the house, sometimes do:)

Christy said...

I totally get it. I love politics but I am already sick of the back and forth they do and we still have 9 more months of this-- uggg!! Anyway, hold on-- it will be over before you know it and by the way my hands and feet are always cold too!

Christy :)

Stephanie said...

You are too funny! I am totally laughing.