February 3, 2008

The Good things that Come

Last summer, Robyn and I and the hubbys went to Six Fl@gs. While there, as we were walking along I shouted "STOP!!" On Robyn's hair had landed a beautiful little lady bug - and I had to take a picture so she could see her fortune! You see...

one thing Robyn had, that none of the rest of us had - was a 2005 LID. A 2005, December 20th LID. Are you seeing where I'm going? For the first time in this journey - I have a very dear and close friend who I live life with that was going to be getting her referral imminently. I can't adequately express the depths of our joy, happiness, excitement, DELIRIUM - that we, as her friends are feeling. It's pretty much FREAK OUT mode. Since we all have active LID's (except for Kelley, our honorary adoption veteran and mama to two amazing girls), we've been waiting - nay - grasping for this moment for years, literally. To have one of our sista's finally cross the finish line is, well - simply indescribable.

And then it's all downhill for us - 2008 is going to be a very big year for this Posse.

Valerie 1-4-06 LID
Erin 2-6-06 LID
ME!! 3-29-06 LID (well, we don't expect her to be home this year, but still...)

It's like a cascade of yummy baby goodness! Not to mention my sweet little man coming home this year!! OMG! We're dripping in babies by Christmas!

So, without further adooooooo (and I can't believe I am FINALLY getting to do this...)

I want to introduce to you my dear sweet little "niece". I just sobbed when I opened up the e-mail - it really does happen!!!

Shu Xian Zhu soon to be Avery Kristine Xian
Born April 30, 2007 (just nine months old last week!!)
She is currently in the Jiangxu Province

WELCOME little Avery! You are GORGEOUS! You just won the Mommy and Daddy lottery! Your parents, as you will soon find out, are the very best of people. You will absolutely love your family and never know a day without love and devotion.

PLEASE stop by and give Robyn and Paul some serious happiness - they have waited soooo very long for this and have definitely paid their dues.

Congrats you guys - we love you so much and could not be HAPPIER for you!!!!!!



Briana's Mom said...

Oh my gosh! She is beautiful!!!

Robyn said...

That's my baby!!!!!!! Oh yeah, Paul's too. We are so excited and can't wait to share her!!!

Love you guys!!!

Kim said...

She is so beautiful..
How special...

Kelly & Todd said...

What a sweetie!!! What a great post. I can't wait until your babies are home with you safe and sound. This is just such an exciting time for your friends - how wonderful!!


Stephanie said...

Be still my heart. She is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!