August 23, 2007

Stop the Insanity...

Right, so just to prove that I'm no liar or exaggerator - I wanted to show you what happened when the hubby and I strolled through our local half price bookstore tonight.'re seeing it right. That's 17...SEVENTEEN books to the left.

This is what I'm telling you people - we have a real problem. Now, mind you that the majority of these books were $1.00. Yep, that's all - so now you're probably thinking "but that's a steal!". The rest were half off the publishers listed price. Not too shabby! But still!!!! Let's focus on the real issue at hand...see below for the evident problem of "where to put them" now that we have them. I thought I was bad with baby clothes - maybe we're just "bad" in general with shoppy? This is for real, ya'll - we have eight bookshelves in our house - worse than my original estimate. We've tried to sell some here and there, and tried to donate some when we could bear to part with them, but we have a true book addiction. There is pretty much nothing that's separating us from the book collection. Short of a natural disaster, God forbid. Help me....this is a cry for book they have a "self help book" for people who buy too many books or is that an oxy-moron???....stop laughing, that's not supposed to be funny!...ok, it is sorta funny..."Too Many Books Guide for Dummies". I can't make this stuff up people!



Unknown said...

You definitely have a passion for reading..Love the kids bookshelf..Thats too cute. hmm..I have no suggestions..cant wait to see if you do anything with these..but what a bargain

Anonymous said...

Now Robyn makes fun of me because I have one, just one, shelf of unread books. And it is only about 3 feet wide with two shelves. What is really embarassing is when I see and buy a book, just to come home and find I already have it.

Momma Martha

Erin said...

Girl, you have seen my monstrosity in my study. I'm right there with you! I seriously need to pull a page from Momma Martha's book and get all of my unread books on one (or twelve) shelf but that would mean work, right?

BTW, you might want to look into reading glasses at least. Bob thinks I look way hot in mine. :-)

Love you!

4D said...

There are worse things you could be addicted to. Any addiction that involves Terry Brooks in okay in my books. Tee hee!

Keep smilin!

Dan, Misty & Ashar said...

You are absolultely hilarious! I am setting aside a few hours to sit and read all of your blogs and laugh and enjoy myself! I love how real you are, and will absolutely enjoy following your process!