August 13, 2007

Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, and "That Guy"

Ok - well first of all, you have to understand that Anton just has that "je ne se quois" when he's out and about - he's so gregarious and bright and people are just drawn to him like moths to the flame. This explains the wedding ring on my left hand. But when we were at Disn*y, this strange phenom happened. We went to the Monst*r's Inc. show at one of the parks and while we were there, they kept making references throughout the show like "well, we can see where you all get your talent from - except..." and these huge screens would flash a life size image of Anton sitting in his chair in the audience..."That Guy!" He became the brunt of every joke, etc. and up his picture would flash as they said "except for 'That Guy!". Well, as the show wore down, we were just in hysterics that he was sooooo picked on. It was great, and he loved it! Well, turns out as the story in the show takes a turn, AB (AKA "That Guy") ends up saving the day and the show and we all have to clap for him for saving us! It was a great time and we were so entertained! But as we walked out to move on to the next attraction a strange thing happened. AB got mobbed by children wanting his Autograph. I couldn't get my camera out fast enough to snap them all but I did manage a couple shots and it was just hysterical! We were laughing and just thinking "what the heck!" So he signed things like "Be Good! - Signed, That Guy". Too funny! So in their little autograph books, these kids have Mickey M*use, Snow Wh*te, Buzz Lighty*ar, and "That Guy". And ladies and gentlemen..."That Guy" is my guy!


Anonymous said...

TOOOOOOO CUTE!!! Love "That Guy" story, what a fun thing to happen to you guys, and of course I mean "That Guy"!!
Loved it

Kim said...

Just think "That Guy" is your special husband..
Love the story..
Glad you had fun..
Do you have a blog for the twins? And how much different is paperwork and wait time then Keira's adoption..
Take Care..
Kim as we know it. said...

OMG that is so funny!
You are married to a you think I got get his autograph!!!

Unknown said...

What an awesome story!

Kelley said...

That is just too dang funny!

Elise said...

Too funny..."That Guy" and "Toby Keith"????? He must be getting a big head;)....or he could get a second job as a celebrity impersonator!

Dena said...

Love it!!!