June 1, 2007

I'm going back to Cali...

Alright ya'all! I'm heading back to my homeland to see my little sister Graduate from high-school. I'm leaving in a few hours for the airport and I'll be back in Texas next Tuesday...short trip, but already full of things to do and people to see!

Many people wonder about our age difference, so I'll sum it up. Mom and Dad had my brother and I in their early twenties. Waited ten years and had my little brother who is now 23. Waited five years and SURPRISE! had Ashley. Same parents - four siblings - all spread out, but very close. I was almost sixteen when Ashley was born and so it was like having two moms for her. I've watched her and Dustin grow up and it's been such a privilege to have the opportunity to be their big sister. (Although...sometimes a little annoying...like your younger siblings can be...haha) But I've been there for all their milestones (including proms...yes, I am a dork!) so of course, I couldn't miss this event for anything.

She's a hoot and totally has a great sense of humor. I'm hoping she does a lot of exploring the world and a lot of great things that she can look back and be proud of. I know her personal journey has not always been easy to get to this point, but she's now looking at the rest of her life and I pray she has direction and wisdom as she starts the wonderful adventure into adulthood.

Love ya sissy! Congrats on your big day!!!!

Peace out bloggy peeps - since I'm a blogging fiend, I'll probably post over the weekend. What's that you say? You are surprised I'm dragging my laptop? Why oh why? I could never leave it behind! Please! And you say you know me....(shakes head)


Have a great weekend everyone!


Polar Bear said...

Have a GREAT time!

Congratulations Ashley!

4D said...

Congrats on the big graduation!

Have a safe trip and I would totally blog if I were going away! LOL

Keep smilin!

Elise said...

Have a great time and congrats to your baby sis...I can relate to the family being spread out. My sis is 9 years younger and my brother is 13 years younger.

aimeeg said...

Congrats to your sis! Enjoy the trip!!

Robyn said...

I already miss you!!!! Have a good trip and a great visit with the family. See ya next week!

Give Ashley a big congratulations hug from the M3 gals!!