June 24, 2007

The rest of Houston

The rest of our Houston experience was fun and filled with good food! We attended the last party of the week, which was a throw-back to the 1920's and the "Jimmy Hoffa" times. There was excellent food and a huge room filled with dining stations, a wine bar, an open bar, and a martini bar. AB promptly ordered me a Godiva Chocolate Martini - too die for! We also ended up getting "jiggy with it" on the dance floor - they had a rocking band and we were grooving!

Meanwhile, we sampled all the yummy food, and eventually made our way to the "gaming" room - where AB tried his hand (no pun intended) at Poker. Funny money, of course (the chips were just for fun) - but he lost $1000 in one hand of poker. Hmmm, mental note to self - no poker for AB in Vegas next month...

Too fun! What a great party - no expense spared and we had a blast! But we're back home now and I've got a couple posts coming up that will tell you what we've done with our time since!

1 comment :

AB said...

I *OBJECT*!!!! I did NOT lose $1000 of poker chips in one hand. I lost it in about 10 hands. or so.

It was Texas Hold 'Em! The last hand (I played) I had a Pair of Kings in the pocket!! Come on! Who loses that kind of hand?!?!? PUH-Lease! I was robbed!