June 24, 2007


Ok folks, this post officially makes three for today - but I've been a slacker so I'm trying to make up for lost time before MONDAY gets here. There are two posts below this new one, so be sure to check out "The End of Houston" and "MAN-icure".

First, I did a little "shoppy" today with the hubs approval. Well, general approval. As in, he knew about it while it was happening (which I try to avoid when possible!). Still, I got some darling stuff for el-cheapo and so I'll share! I know my peeps love a good bargain, so the first T-shirt is from Targ*t and was $5.99. The next three are from Carter's and were a total of $15.00. That's a 4th of July dress that reads "All American Girl" and FOUR onesies. Too cute!

Second, I need to give some SERIOUS props to my M3 HomeGirl Valerie - who after MUCH coercion and peer pressure, finally bit the bullet and switched from MSN to Blogger. We were always giving her a hard time because she was using MSN, and we were telling her that we would LOVE to leave comments on her HILARIOUS posts, but it's just too difficult. If only she would come to the dark side, we wooed, we would leave comment after comment! Well, SHE DID IT! She now has a blog HERE and I would be ever so grateful if you would show her a "Bloggy-ville" welcome and pay her a quick "how do you do" (don't forget to leave a comment!). I know we all love reading comments, and now that I've gotten her away from the MSN beast - we have to keep her over here by giving her "comment high". Come on peeps - help a sista out!?!? Not only is she adopting from China, part of my NOTORIOUS M3 Posse, and a heck of a gal - but you will get a major kick out of her posts. She is witty, intelligent, and her "Bouncy House" and "Bully" posts had me literally wetting myself. If you need a laugh - head on over HERE now and pay my gal some much due props! Love you, V!!!!!!

Alrighty then peepers - tune in tomorrow for a really cool slide show about laughing with my M3 - it's so cute it makes me weepy!



Valerie said...

Ms. C - I am so happy you brough me to the blooger side. You were a doll to help me set up the blog and share your vast talent with me. I bow to your knowledge.

I hope to one day be able to grasp it half as well as you do.

Love Valerie

Polar Bear said...

Cute stuff! I love the little dress!

Briana's Mom said...

I have the brown eyed girl shirt, the daddy onesies and the mommy onesies! Great minds think alike!

Stacey said...

Love the clothes!! Hey we need to go shoping together some time! Randy tells me he will not go anymore he is shoped out and it is not as much fun by myself... I am planning a trip to the Allen Outlet soon. I love the Little Me shop and it is the only one I have found so far. Not to mention the all the other great places.

4D said...

Loving the purchases!!

Keep smilin!